*bark bark* I should be going out now... with Señor Bored on the floor. Well, just a quick post.. ehehe.

What I've been looking like lately 8p
LOL found this just now, a pic from a doll museum in Suomenlinna year 2009, a family trip.
With whom I've spent a lot of time lately. 
Nemo ♥ He's a Finnish Lapphund!
Always waking me up here (although I usually keep on sleeping until 1 pm.. 8))

ATM In Keuruu, on my dad's computer so haven't got many pics now. Just happy since I'm a lazy bum, enjoying reading.. Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. I know it should be annoying that when I try to picture Louis I always see... Brad Pitt. But Pitt is hot, so.. no harm done there, hahaha!!!

But my main reason for a post was that CAN SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME HOW TO GET RID OF EYELID MYOKYMIA?!?!?!? In Finnish meaning elohiiri silmäluomessa. Seriously don't laugh, I hate it.. okay makes me laugh but hate it still. *grumpy grandma whining* it's been going on for four days at least and the flutter keeps appearing many times a day. raaaaaaahhahahha


P.S. just found out that Nigahiga's got some new videos! This one cracked me up since I'm a weirdo, never ever been normal trolololololoooo~


장근석, you crack me up ^^

I just have to post this since nowadays I'm almost obsessed with Jang Geun Suk ♥ my dream guy atm hahaha!! (although I've only watched You're Beautiful and now Mary Stayed Out All Night.. I wanna see more of him n__n) My Korean friend told me he's a really outgoing and nice person in South Korea :)

you know, he's a REALLY handsome guy as these pics show~

REALLY HANDSOME. This's from Mary Stayed Out All Night. Kang Moo Kyul ♥ JUST ONE MORE EP TO GO! watching it today. It cannot end so soooon... ;___;

A bit funny but still sooo handsome ^^ this is my pc's wallpaper now ^^

I loved this scene. This was in the first episode! The cabbage's head haha! I LOVE IT WHEN HE SMILES (okay now I'm starting to sound like a 10-year-old fan girl lol)

HOWEVER... I found one pic that seriously cracked me up (still does, even right now)...

Here it comes...

Skype Emoticons
Okay lol seriously I dunno why that picture makes me ROFLMAO everytime I see it!!! Maybe it's because I remember what happened in that scene..  Director did something funny but what.. someone remind me, can't remember! DX but it's always an instant crack-up for me when Kang Moo Kyul and Byun Jung In are cracking up to each other so maliciously... xD there are other funny scenes too in the drama, like.. millions of funny scenes.. and suggestive scenes too, hihihiiii XD

OR MAYBE now I'm laughing to it cos it's almost 5 am here!!! sleepless nights, 사랑해 ♥ 

*btw, this blog http://melineli.wordpress.com/ has some nice pics and stuff about Mary Stayed Out All Nights ^^ but there's no review after ep 10, too bad. It was fun reading all that 8D and the KAT-TUN stuff too! n__n

*btw2: didn't go to Keuruu yet since it's my friend B-day today.. yea I should probably go to sleep...


Update on: Penkkarit & other stuff


Pictures of our abishow taken by me. It's a show where our abit = senior students act our teachers. Say what you say, our school does it best!!! TYK is a gymnasium specialized on drama so hahahahaaaa! geez no wonder I'm a weirdo, got even weirder during these years in the school...hahah lol
However, I'm loyal to my year of -91 so last year's abishow was better. Seriously, it was. The show's theme was Big Brother ^^ I don't watch BB but if it were like last year's abishow, I'd definately watch it. 

So this update is about an event called penkkarit which took place right after potkiaiset. It's an event where senior students get in trucks that go around the center of the city and students throw candy to ppl there. Penkkarit was last Thursday. Now, as for me, I've already seen most of these events since I'm a forth year student in our school. And this year's my last year, yayyy! 

LAST YEAR I WAS IN A TRUCK TOO! I'm the one fourth from the right, the freak with a big pink hat. I was a pirate lol. Our truck was filled with only women, hehe!

I don't have a pic of me in the truck this year but here's some pics of our signs and me:
Our signs & GIGA PUDDING! a detail of one of our signs. If you don't know what this is, watch it here! ^^
Our theme was being anonymous so we all had masks, otherwise you could be anything you wanted. I was a weird teddy bear king or something, dunno, haha. Just wanted to stay warm so I dressed up like the Michelin guy. hey I should have been that!!!

It was still as freezing cold as ever but dunno if I had more fun last year of this year. Maybe last year since the people were exactly of my age and my best friends were there too but this year there were only 11 people in the truck most of them were my friends. Haha I threw all the candy too early again even though I had 3 kg of them.

Skype Emoticons

"Would you care for a glass of sparkling wine?" Oh yes I did. Bought a bottle in Klubi with ppl. It was really good ^^ and that was everything I drank that night...yea right.
I seriously love Klubi's interior decorating. I want those lamps! ♥__♥
Paukkuset bailaa = Paukkunen's partying. It's funny how our teachers are considered almost like gods every single year at this continuation party of penkkarit. Here the dude on the right is our assistant principal and on the left is the dude who acted him in abishow and now they're dancing identically! hahaha
I danced more than never before!!! Seriously I did. It's so weird since I usually don't dance that much which is probably even weirder because I've danced and been to many dance courses of show dance, jazz, disco, hip hop & street dance, even punk dance and practiced Oriental dance for two years so my hips mooooove~ (lol). But then when the clock was something past one or two, there were so many random people (the place was reserved for TYK's senior students and our teachers until midnight, then the doors opened for everyone) that I wanted to leave so left with Marika and WALKED SOME OMGITWASSOCOLDMYLEGSFROZE... 
 Skype EmoticonsWell.. was fun still!

Then last Friday, when I guess most of us senior students go on a cruise (you see, it's three party days for us in a row!) I didn't want to go since it costs like hell and I was on a cruise last year and this time there wouldn't have been many of my friends there so I got to relax recover from hangover but later I went to see Wanhojen tanssit = a prom for second year students. Some of my friends were there. 

My outfit last Friday was so warm, it looked like this:

Huge white dress, bought it last year from Seppälä I think & a black grandma-like cardigan from a flee market ages ago.
Chuu~ I also wore a light blue top under the dress since otherwise it'd be a bit too showy. The top's from a flee market too, love it. Love flee markets, you can find treasures there! (Hey that's a nice idea for a post too!)
Today I'm off to Keuruu, gonna meet my lovelydovely dog Nemo and my folks. And seriously to calm my nerves and relax. So the next post will probably be next week.. See ya then! 

P.S. atm I'm so hooked on K-drama Mary stayed out all night and especially in looove with JANG GEUN SUK!!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ He was awesome in K-drama  You're beautiful ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ almost watched the series, just a few more eps to go!


Update on: Potkiaiset

I totally forgot to update this blog. Sorry 'bout that. And now that I should, I aaaain't got the time since in two hours it's my Japanese class. Funny thing about that btw: I'm in a beginner course although I've studied independently for over two years now... Guess I decided to freshen my memory last autumn.
Geez, I'll be late, back today later... lol.



now, I haven't got all the pics from all the parties last week and week before last week but posting just quickly some.. they're from my crappy cellphone since when I'm on the move I don't have my real camera with me... I should, right?

 PICTURE SPAMMING, BEGIN IN 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....


(above: "Lemmenpyssyt" means "Love guns").  So first of, POTKIAISET! And for me the absolute highlight of the party was when Lemmenpyssyt hit the stage. It's a Finnish rock band with four guys in it, they sing in Finnish. You can find their website here (it's an all Finnish site though) & listen to their songs for ex. here
btw, my favorite song from Lemmenpyssyt is "Se juttu jonka sä teet" (That thing ya do). So as you can see, I really LOVE all kind of music. I should probably do a post about music later on! ^^

Anyways, this potkiaiset-event was last Wednesday at Yo-talo in Tampere and didn't cost a thing to us abit, to us seniors graduating soon from gymnasium. We got drink tickets too, yay!! Actually I think that night I only payed for one drink, haha! I partied there with my friends, especially with Marika. Now posting some blurry&dark pictures of us:

Meeeee without the mask! As you can see, my hair's more pink this time ^^ curled it again too and lifted the back of my hair up. Too bad I didn't take a proper pic at home (I had to hurry up like hell)
Marika with our friend Saana's mask. This pic is so goooood! ♥
My mask ♥ from a costume shop Punanaamio, costs.. was it 17,90. Absolutely lovin' it. My first real mask ever and worth the money, it's so comfy because it has a hairband as a holder.
Haha we, well I, had to take some pics of us so cam whoooring in the bathroom once again. I had some black dress and five skirts under it to make the dress fluffy. well, didn't got it fluffy enough because the dress is too narrow.. I gotta fix it a bit. I love sewing by the way, probably at some point start making some clothes and sell them, also jewelry.




あああ so tired... I have to clean up my whole place in two hours & dye my hair too! and yet why am I writing here, ばかものだよおおおお!!
Well anyway... I've been doing some weird things lately, hahaha! Been partying with my friends and lagging at home... Blah.
Last Friday was my friend's B-day so we went to a Japanese restaurant called Maruseki with.. was it 14 people, a lot of ppl. I've been to Maruseki like 123456789 times but this time I think I really had THE BEST CHOICE OF FOOD EVER!!!

There's cold smoked salmon sashimi on the left, up right tuna mayo makisushi & down right (THE BEST) monkfish with wasabi mayonnaise!! (can't remember the proper name of the dish)
Smiley eating sushi

I don't remember everything I've done during last week but I definately remember my パーティーパーティー with my good friend Emmi and her sister, here's few pics of that night:

Sorry Ems, I stole this from your file xD pose pose in a night club! That's me on the left looking.. @__@ my hair looking lovely, right? the light pink kinda faded so no wonder I have to dye it.. should be dying already u_u
This is so weird I had to put it here too. I look.. my eyes look so..o___o
"The classic girls' bathroom pose". Gosh I look pissed though I wasn't. That pink dress is from H&M (last year I guess) and the leopard shirt&belt are from some flee market ages ago, bag is from.. Glitter? can't remember but one of my fav bags<3 dunno if you can see the long pink necklace with black stars there, it's from J&C (sales yay)

Skype EmoticonsIt was fuuuun!! I was home somewhere after 3 am... ^^ and as weird as it was, I loved walking home at that cold winter night, took some pictures too. I wanna talk about night and darkness later on, I'm, how do you say it, and evening person. definately not a morning person!

THIS WEEK IS A CHAOS! Seriously tomorrow, wait today I gotta go to school and help on painting signs for our truck coz on Thursday it's "penkkarit" which is a Finnish event for us who are candidates for the matriculation examination aka "abit". Anyways I'm exited for the event but since it's a killer freeze weather outside I ain't looking forward to be riding in a truck out there throwing candy to people... And then today Wednesday is "potkiaiset" which is something like "a kicking party" where people, figuratively speaking,  kick us "abit" away. THE THEME IS VENICIAN COSTUME PARTY!!! I'm so thrilled, I bought a mask, pics and stuff of that & all the parties & Valentine's day which I hate btw probably this weekend 

Now I shall leave you like this:

Smiley eating sushiGO DUMBLEDORE! Loving Snape there LAUGHING! Alan Rickman<3 (ohohoo I watched Love actually with my friend Yashura from the blog "Life of a random Fangirl" and Alaaaaan was so lovely, loving the cynicism again!) Seriously this's gif is a constant crack-up for me. Baibai now~



I love dolls. There are over two large boxes or Barbies and their stuff (clothes, furniture, even horses and a car if I remember correctly) in my folks' home and then also few porcelain dolls, like these:

At my flat I have only two dolls, a Barbie and a Hi Glamm doll, I was so lucky to found her from a flee market. Here's a crappy pic of''em surrounded my all sort of junk I gather around my pc:

Then last year's February, when I was on "abiristeily" which means a cruise for candidates for the matriculation examination aka the senior students (it's so hard to explain this in English) I saw these "dolls" that are actually perfume bottles:

And ofc I love these doll torsos where you can put your jewelry hang in, saw them in a stor named Europehouse few months ago. That pink was my fav but didn't have money to buy it or a place to put in my flat:

Sometimes I get so obsessed over dolls I want to turn into one myself. and so last Tuesday... I did a little thing called Dollie play and decided to post some pictures of it here (epic picture spam!!!). Btw, I acted a Barbie in a play last year, it was freaky and fun. ^^ 

But now, let the Dollie play begin!

                                   To conclude, a purrrfect song to fit the theme:




I WANNA SEE I WANNA SEEEEEE~~~ *____*  ボクシング!
Since I love Yamashita Tomohisa ♥♥♥

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HIM (and this pic especially) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
He was so good in Stand up!, Nobuta wo Produce, Buzzer Beat... くそ.. gotta watch more J-dramas from him like Kurosagi, I always get to watch the first episode but then something else appears and..  'u__u I'm too lazy... just like now I could clean up and go to bed early but instead I watch some ベルサイユのばら...

レディーオスカーさま!!! Which reminds me of:

                                                Oh how I love Takarazuka Revue~

*As for me: NO MORE LESSONS IN GYMNASIUM!!! after four years, it's almost over.. just the effin' baccalaureates to go. And now I got this huge obssession about going to make-up schools and artisan schools rather than tourism schools... maybe I could do all three at the same time? Like maybe after two or three years graduate in make-up, clothing and tourism? is it even possible? Skype Emoticons