I love dolls. There are over two large boxes or Barbies and their stuff (clothes, furniture, even horses and a car if I remember correctly) in my folks' home and then also few porcelain dolls, like these:

At my flat I have only two dolls, a Barbie and a Hi Glamm doll, I was so lucky to found her from a flee market. Here's a crappy pic of''em surrounded my all sort of junk I gather around my pc:

Then last year's February, when I was on "abiristeily" which means a cruise for candidates for the matriculation examination aka the senior students (it's so hard to explain this in English) I saw these "dolls" that are actually perfume bottles:

And ofc I love these doll torsos where you can put your jewelry hang in, saw them in a stor named Europehouse few months ago. That pink was my fav but didn't have money to buy it or a place to put in my flat:

Sometimes I get so obsessed over dolls I want to turn into one myself. and so last Tuesday... I did a little thing called Dollie play and decided to post some pictures of it here (epic picture spam!!!). Btw, I acted a Barbie in a play last year, it was freaky and fun. ^^ 

But now, let the Dollie play begin!

                                   To conclude, a purrrfect song to fit the theme:

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