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Last week's family trip to Ähtäri's animal park was fun! 面白いだった! Here's some picture spam of some of the cute animals and this freak here! Sorry 'bout the crappy cellphone quality >__< It's funny how me and my mom were taking pics and walking together while my brother and dad were ahead of us.. Can't people just enjoy the nature and the beautiful animals? Why do they have to rush from place to place? but I know I'm guilty to this too sometimes

These were.. fallow deer? can't remember. But they're so cute, all following the herd ^^ There are other deers in the animal park too.
A really crappy pic of a SNOW LEOPARD. People were gathering around to see this almost like maniacs.. Okay gotta admit, snow leopard is so fascinating but c'mon, people could give even some privacy to the animal and keep going like we did.
yea, I know, this is not an animal (my condolences to you who thought it was xD) but this was hilarious to me. How can that snow just stay there?? :D
And these fellas were so cute! European bisons. They were right next to...
Reindeer! ^^ Love love love
WILD BOARS! Love'em. so cute they are! resting there peacefully
LYNX!!! haha this was so epic! Priceless is my face, yay yay. But we did see a lynx, or actually four! I think there's been a lynx outside my folks's home, not sure though...
Meee looking fattyfatty blaablaa. Lotta clothes, almost suffocating x__x going to see waterfowls in that building, since it's winter they gotta stay indoors or they'd freeze.
My favorite birds, "the singing swans"! Whooper swans ^^ love the pic. No black swans were here though, hehe. I want to see the Black Swan! the movie AND the bird!
One moose, two moose, three moose! and four, five.. many moose.
WOLVES! I'm partly scared of them but also like them a lot since they are wonderers, just like me.
A totem!
Emo bear! I just had to since the eye bags were horrible >.<
Maybe my favorite animal ever, the arctic fox! There're two of them and they have WAY TOO LITTLE LIVING SPACE! :(

 We also saw HEDWIG! haha well not THE actual Hedwig but the Snowy Owl! The bears were still in hibernation, sleeping peacefully (hope so) so we didn't see them but that was okay. It was a nice trip but I was sad about the living spaces the animals had. They should be larger!!! No matter what anyone says, they should. But it makes me feel better knowing that they treat injured and sick animals in Ähtäri's animal park.

But there was one thing, or actually a person, that bugged me more than anything on this trip. If it hadn't been that person, I would have enjoyed the trip much more. There was this little brat, this little, I guess somewhat 10-year-old boy who just couldn't shut the f*** up! SO ANNOYING!!! And he just made a horrible noise pollution by drumming the windows on animals' cages and calling the animals. And his parents, they just didn't do anything! It made me furious. But the worst part was when we were, at the same time, watching wolves at their fenced-in area, the boy just lifted his little brother over the fence!!! and although even over the fence the boy was way up higher so the wolves couldn't get him... what if he had fallen? HE WAS STANDING THERE and he would have died almost instantly and the wolves could have killed him. And the boy's parents didn't do anything!!! seriously, you wanted to risk your son's life? STUPID PEOPLE! 

luckily soon the little boy was lifted to safety again...

Anyways, since we had time after the animal park, we went to this shopping center Tuuri and mom bought me clothes! The materialistic me has been satisfied for ages now ^^ 

From one very horrible evening.. Or partly horrible. But all the clothes except stockings and socks are from Tuuri! ^^ I love'em all! got also two other skirts and some shirts and PINK HIGH HEELS ♥ and red clothes too! I haven't worn red for a long time but Yashura said it looks good on me so I guess I should wear red clothes more often ^^

SUCH BEAUTIFUL PANTSU!!! ahahaha I almost died to laughter when I saw these panties. I guess they are some kind of support underwear but still ROFLMAO

Last week I left for Tampere, so I had to say バイバイ to my little Nemo Hello Kitty Dropping a Tear

When I'm there he always wakes me up in the morning ^^ It breaks my heart to leave him. I mean look at him! *w*
I'll come visit you soon, I promise ♥
See? I wasn't happy to leave either. :< no make up in this pic btw!

But I'm still hanging out in my flat knitting like a grandma & designing clothes. I gotta warn you that next post might something really weird or more like a bunch of babbling.. 8D since I have a lazy weekend coming up!

to end this LOOOONG POST, I found out that YAMAPI HAS A NEW SONG! maybe more new songs? anyone who knows, please tell me ^^

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