New Layout! ^^

やったあ!!! Yayy finally I had the time and effort to create a whole new layout for this blog! What da ya think? ^^ is it too white? comment if you like, I feel happy, and comment if you don't like, then I can maybe change something.. or not, haha!

As I said on the previous post, I was in Keuruu for a looooong time and been lazy ever since lol. I really don't feel like doing any studying (wehee Swedish examination on Thursday, well, I just do something since it's not an exam, just final repetitions for the baccalauretes asdasdasd).

But what have I been doing? The answer is:

                      I'VE MADE A KNITTED CAP WITH EARS! 

And I simply love it. But gosh it took over three days to get it done! and still thinking if I should do more decorations. I'm so slow, I know but it's just that the last time I've knit something was... five years ago? xD anyways, now I'm doing a matching scarf to this. Oh and me and my family went to Ähtäri's animal park, I put some pics of that on the next post. Also after we had visited the animal park we went to Tuuri! And now since that Tuuri trip THANK YOU MOM I OWE YOU TOO MUCH GONNA PAY BACK!!! ^^' 

And yes, I've got glasses! So I'm a nerrrrd. haha not. well maybe. I usually wear contacts but at home I'm feeling so nerdy I wear glasses. 

<-- 桜蘭高校ホスト部 の 鳳 鏡夜! That smiley reminds me of OHSHC Kyoya! ^^

More handmade stuff coming soon since I've also decided to make my own graduation dress and some other clothes too... My only hint is that the graduation dress is gonna be freaky and quite colorful!

and recently, well not recently but some time ago, I really started to like SHINee again! *w*


  1. Can't wait to see your graduation dress! :D

  2. heh, me neither! ^^ but my sewing machine is pissed now so I can start sewing it.. >.< yet!