I put this pic in FB but posting it here too since.. this... feeling... is... incredible...
MAYBE THIS WILL TELL HOW I FEEL NOW THAT I HAVE FINISHED GYMNASIUM!!! only the f****** results left and the ceremonywhatever...

see my reaction here, start from up left to up right, then down and from down right to down left, then one up and in the middle is how I feel now.
got it?
Sorry 'bout this short post, I'm gonna post something more soon this week trolololooo. Gosh I just.. I have been doing nothing and everything. And almost had a heart attack because of the horrible Japan catastrophe... I still can't believe it. Today I donated money to the Red Cross, well, I only had few euros but donating more soon! I want to heeeelp. I wish I could maybe go there and help with my own hands... But okay that radiation thingy scares me...   

what else? Well, just one pic, ok, two, okay many!!! ahahaha~

I've been sewing now... the machine squeakin' a bit but running nicely. And got some tulips from my aunt and my cousin's little daughter ^^

Last Thursday there was this day called St. Patrick's Day! you know, the Irish holiday when people get drunk! I didn't drink that much SERIOUSLY I was kinda pissed but so happy when I got this hat!!!
I dyed my hair! The bangs were supposed to be brown with black stripes... So green is something nice! what do ya think? ^^
And then a little preview of my little dollie photosession! This time not that many pics though and weirder..ehehe


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