WE-HE-HELL... these last days have been nice! This post is gonna be full of complaining so deal with it. (¬_¬)
Tired face is tired. (・A・)
Well hello there emo girl

I've been sick.. with Bieber fiever! no wait what... Nigahiga ♥ I've fallen back to the starting point which is... 
lying around...
Staring at this lovely lamp of mine in the ceiling..

NOT GOOD. But like I said, I've been sick. Today I thought I was better and thought I could go edit some theater diplome stuff at school but..  
still sick Skype Emoticons 

There are also other things that occured to me. I have applied to many schools now, mostly in Helsinki.. and just on Monday I did the last one, polytechnic application.. Well, let's just say I SCREWED IT UP. ha-ha-ha. I feel so happy now. But what's done is done and what I really want is to get in this vocational school in Helsinki. So if I get in there, no biggie. 

I SHOULD BE HAPPY BECAUSE SPRING IS HERE AND THE SUN IS SHINING. yeah right.. the sun is shining and I'm watching Rozen Maiden.


I guess what I really want to do is go back to this place and that time when there was still snow:

I wanna meet my dog Nemo again and have long walks with him. He's my puppy even though he's soon seven.
I wanna walk in the snow because I love snow. I hate the cold weather but love snow.
So peaceful...
So beautiful...

Even though I sorta hate leaving my flat and going in the middle of nowhere, I have to go soon or I'll turn to..... this.

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