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What inspires me?

I shall answer to my own question with some pictures. Of course there are many, many other things (like music) that inspire me so this is only a little peek of inspiration. Maybe you'll become inspired too. So...

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1. Stands: candy stands, refreshment stands, food stands, COLORFUL STANDS!
 - Remember when I told about that British candy stand in Tampere's Keskustori? It's so weird but when the stands are so colorful and the stuff they sell is colorful and pretty, I just want to buy everything! Okay this was an odd start, ahaha.

2. Vivienne Westwood
- Many pics! ^^ Dame Vivienne Westwood, the lady in the second last pic. This British lady is 70 and still a punk queen! I don't follow fashion that much but she's probably my favorite designer. I mean c'mon, she is wild! She's beyond normal and that is why I love her designs! For those of you who don't know Vivienne Westwood, check this (and Wikipedia ofc)

3. Stars & planets
- I have adored stars since I was the size of a foam extinguisher. Planets came along later. We have a telescope at my folks' but I haven't got to use it.. yet! 
4. Surrealism - Salvador Dalí
- My favorite art style is surrealism, I love all the phantasmagoric, visional style in this art style. And Salvador Dalí is maybe my favorite artist. This picture is his painting "Swans Reflecting Elephants" from year 1937. It gives me different images. One conception is: wrong body image. Of course Dalí's most famous painting must be "The Persistence of Memory". You know, melting clocks."The Face of War" is awesome too!
By the way, did you know that the logo of Chupa Chups is designed by Salvador Dalí?

5. Hello Kitty & Lady Gaga
- Well d'oh, of course! Who wouldn't adore lovely Hello Kitty and on the other hand Lady Gaga's crazy style? People who hate these two are just too cowards to admit it XP No but seriously, invincible pair.

6. Dolls!
- Rozen Maiden is one of my favorite animes, I a lolita dress, have two huge boxes of Barbies and their stuff, I sometimes dress up as a doll... I must hate dolls, hahaha. 
I wish one day I could get one of those dolls..

"Japanese forest city". Painting of an unknown artist. One of my Top 10 favorite pictures.
7. Japan and Japanese nature
- No surprise either, right? But the pictures speak for themselves. I'm reeeeeaaally hoping to get to Japan next year since can't probably go this summer for the lack of money and well because of the situation in Japan which is no reason actually because I really want to help people there!

Asami Hikaru (Lucifer)
Someone tell me: WHO IS THIS??
8. Takarazuka Revue
愛、それはあまく。。。 Mizu Natsuki ♥ Ayaki Nao ♥

Recently started to like Asami Hikaru too!
I want Takarazuka dvds but they're soooo expensive... -__-' I want to watch ベルサイユのばら 2001 but can't find it anywhere...


Cotton candy martini X3
Miss A (a Korean girl group)
Anna Sui - Spring 2007
Christian Dior - Fall 2010
A black orchid. Orchid is my favorite flower. Orchid symbolizes perfection. (I'm not perfect but want to be)
I posted this to irc-galleria too but.. Why didn't I have all that when I was little? >_< haha
Hong Kong Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2010 (Michael Lau)
Michael Lau - Hong Kong Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2010
random ♥
I wanna go horseback riding...

FINAL PICTURE IS FINAL! Oona, you may notice something funny in this... ( ゚ヮ゚)

Next post will be about music! ^^


  1. You asked who the Takarasienne in the NEODANDYISM poster is - I believe it's Kozuki Wataru. The other choice would be Aran Kei, but it just "seems" Wataru to me. :]

  2. HMM yeah Wataru.. could be! gotta find out... gosh Aran Kei, too hottooo~