◎‿ ◎♥ DollyEye Blue circle lenses review + little make-up tuto~

On this post I'll be mostly reviewing my new lenses. The second post right after this will be about the other lenses ^^ I decided to divide things because I hate too long posts... even though I do long posts often...ehehe

First: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! and HAPPY MAY DAY (gonna post about these things later ehehe)
now I'm finally going to write about the most exiting thing in a while... How something so small can change your whole looks...

Exiting package from Pinky Paradise! Didn't get stuck in Customs666 so yayyyy!!! My shipping method was International Registered Mail (14-25 business days and this package arrived in 14 days so I'm very pleased, talking about fast delivery ^^ 
 The contents!
in those pink wrappings on the left are my lenses! 
On the right: really cute lens cases, blue bear-faced case for blue lenses and pink hippo-faced case for brown lenses.

Thanks to erosionheaven's discount code (I guess it's no longer valid), I got two gifts too! That thing up center is "kamipita": "This sheet can be used to keep hair out of your face whenever you are washing your face, applying make-up or skincare." So it's a bow-looking hair pad. And that beige thing is a "Collagen Crystal Eye Bag Mask". Nice! ^^

Sorry about crappy pic, but here they are! On the right DollyEye Blue, on the left Hana SPC Barbie Circle Brown
Here's me oh-so-boringly looking at the camera. This pic is to show my natural color which is... greengraysomethingweird? There's actually a liiiittle bit of ORANGE circling my pupils... Why so:

My eye sight is something really horrible, left eye is -6.50 and right eye -6.0. I'm always wearing contacts. Why? Well, because it's much easier! You don't have to lift the glasses all the time, you can put make-up much easier, excercising is much more pleasant, your eyes look normal instead of getting smaller behind minus glasses... You people with good eye sight should be happy... 

But my point was that I'm used to wearing contacts so these buddies were no big problemo for me. Oh I forgot to mention that these are my first circle lenses ever! Actually, my first color lenses ever! o_O


DollyEye Blue

DollyEye Blue

$25.90 = 17.70€
Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : DollyEye
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm

Left DollyEye Blue floating in the jar ♫ Hehe Duo lash glue in the background, love that lash glue♥
Blue-eyed madman! Nice difference, right? ^^
POUTING FACE! -___- This was my look for the day before May Day I think.. except that I wore other lenses than these.
I really like the color of these lenses BUT the seeing part isn't so good. The area for pupils is so little so you sometimes see this gray area around your eyesight...
  • Enlargement effect~ ★★★★☆
  • Color and desing~ ★★★★☆
  • Comfort~★★★☆ ☆
  • OVERALL: ★★★★
Since I had time though I was actually already late and should have run to the bus stop before going to watch this play called Edvard II to Tukkateatteri in Tampere, I decided to do...

With pictures only though, I'm not ready or cannot create a cool-looking make-up tutorial video yet...

NO FREAKING MAKE UP! And my hair is soo messy. And yes, I do have a top on... XD my facial treatment consist pretty much on Nivea's products + other random stuff. Make up remover, cleansing milk, refreshing toner and moisturising face cream. Oh and occasional peeling too ofc. Love love love face-packs too! I've tried all kinds of fruit face-packs.. I wanna try strawberry face-pack soon since I'm so obsessed with strawberries... ^^
Haha lol. Here's some base make up already. Horrible face is horrible. But here you can see picture of the lences without flash on the left and with flash on the right. Gosh my skin used to be soo much better, now.. dark circles even with make up! FFUUUU. Anyways using Lumene's Natural Code foundation Matt Makeup, tone 11 Cream + little bit of Grimas's concealer + Lumene's Natural Code blush/bronzer. Though these pics don't show any signs of make up XDD
Blurry but... I really like the eye shadows from Punanaamio aka Grimas's eye shadows.. So here, though you can hardly see it, I'm using pink and blue eyeshadow from Grimas and white eye shadow from We Care Icon's Magnetic Eyes eye shadow "Perfect white". Also mineral eyebrown pencil from Lumene.
Got this free gift with blush brush and two eye make up brushes when I bought Rimmel's eye liner ^^
I used Rimmel's eye liner which is more like a marker instead of Nivea's Expert Eye Liner that I usually use. Nivea's eye liner is a really thin brush. I painted those "lower lashes" but didn't like them so I washed them off. Also using Lumene Natural Code Volume-Maximizing Mascara. And my hair is still messy. Did get proper clothes on, though XDD
About false lashes.. I counted I have 11 pairs of false lashes.. I'll probably post about them later since this post would be way too long with them aboard. These pretties I bought a while ago and I was going to wear them with this make up now but I didn't have blue mascara and didn't feel like wearing these at the end so they shall wait for a better time!!! yarr
I wanted something light so I wore these only ^^ Have used these already but they are nice. And 100% human hair so they are not as crappy as the plastic lashes.. ^--^
I added the lashes and drew lower lashes (since I don't really like wearing them) and white mineral eyeliner from Lumene...
I didn't have time to really put an effort on my hair   ̄ヘ ̄ just straightening mostly.
Peace pose included in this post. Naturally. Forgot to tell you, these lenses, also the brown ones, are for my cosplay at Desucon 2011! Although if I don't have enough time, I'll probably do just one cosplay with brown lenses.. Looking forward to that event ehehee~

 NEXT POST ABOUT Hana SPC Barbie Circle Brown lenses!!!


  1. xD How funny! I just posted my review for the DEB's a few seconds ago. I was searching to make sure it showed up and here I found your post. Yours look really good on you! I love the mix of the deep blue with your lovely hair color.

  2. Ooooh these lenses look great on you!! It's a shame that they blur when you wear them though D: My problem is my eyes turning red so I looked stoned HAHAHA
    Your tutorial was really cute! I'd love to see a look with those fabulous blue lashes! :O And super looking forward to your Barbie lens review!!! o(>w<)o"

  3. Eden-Avalon:
    haha waa that's quite a coincidence! :D thank you soo much, I love these lenses too ^_^ be sure to check my Barbie lens review, I'm posting it today later on~

    thank you!! ( ゚ヮ゚) yeah it's too bad but I actually noticed now that when I'm out with these lenses it only blurs a bit due to bright surroundings. Oh my that's bad haha xD hopefully you don't damage your eyes though.. have you tried eye drops? :D
    Barbie lens review coming later today! ^^ blue lashes someday.. nice blog by the way, I'm going to follow it!