☆ DOLLIE PLAY: part 3 ☆

OKAY.... I'll just post this Dolly play 3 quickly and then off to why I'm so late with blogging. Not making super long posts now, I try to get back in business. TOO MANY THINGS HAPPENED including the fact that I moved to Espoo and now due to being sick I've looked mostly like this:

Anyway, now off to the main thingie...


Welcome stranger~

To the world of one queen...

With to twisted personalities, Sister Belle on the left and Sister Beatrice on the right.

And now presenting...

My baby!

Beware, she shall be the next queen

Sister Beatrice likes her.

But Sister Belle is doubting whether she will make it.

Nonetheless, these two sisters are unseparable.

Only when something evil happens...

Sister Belle: "I have to go now."

Sister Beatrice: "No, you can't! You'll belong with me!"

Sister Belle: "I have to, please, forgive me. They are coming."

So it seems that only the queen stayed with the queen-to-be.

They will rule. Together.

Unless someone gets envious...

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