insaaaanityyy + Halloween '11 photos

AHAHAAA I have gone loco the entire week!!! Anything is possible when it's me you're dealing with. But anyways since this week was a total disaster, I've decided to go home to the middle of nowhere ♥

me outside

me inside

 and then ofc let's throw this here too, posted in in FB but okay only my friends can see that. JAMIROQUAI + MIKU = PURE LOVE. Also this song is so nostalgic!!! (Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity)

and now I have some pictures of my Halloween 2011 photoshoot. There are only few photos since I lost my own camera.. u__u These are from my friends camera, she was a vampire and I was a dead maid! As you can see I had purple hair then. I made the dress myself in a hurry,  there was also a hat but sadly forgot to put it on when taking these pics hahaha.  Maybe my cellphone has a pic or two with it and maybe also close up of the makeup.. dunno. Anyways, hope you like the pictures! There's also a story that I created to go with this...

She never lived a happy life.

 Slavery was bound to her as she was a wench and a serf.

 Sometimes her master tortured her.

 Seldom did he give her food.

 Slough was her death bed.

However, a year later, the master got hit by a shovel.

 He did not die.
He woke up all wet and bloody.
He found himself in a slough with his dead wench beside him.
Horrified he was as the wench kissed him and whispered to his ear:

"Happy Halloween, master."


  1. Noi kuvat Marikan ja sun ottamat kuvat Halloweenina on niin mahtavia. Miksi mä en ollut mukana? p.s. aloitin nyt sen oman blogin. :)

    1. TEIT SEN OLEN NIIN YLPEÄ SINUSTA! ^____^ ne on mahtavii, tosin harmittaa ku omassakin kamerassa olis tosiaan ollut vielä lisää hienouksia.. mut no ei voi mtn.
      ja sä et ollut mukana koska olit señorisi kanssa Hällässä XDDDD ainaki näin muistelisin