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First of all I hate blogger for deleting my text after it saved it for 01258293582390 times... thank you so much ♥
obviously this text is now going to be much shorter than the one before.


Think about it.
I call it "mirror day".
The day when the mirror finally tells you "you're the fairiest of them all"

I'm sure other people have "discovered" this date a long time ago just like me and expected it to be something extraordinary. I thought this day would be somewhat ordinary but I kinda had the idea of doing something super fun today.. However what have I been doing? Watching endless tennis matches on TV with my dad and doing my homework. Yeah where is my life, probably under the carpet or something. (This is why there's no pictures of me this time: I'm here in the middle of nowhere and on my brothers computer. Aaaa this huge screen compared to my little pc screen...)

Anyways, I'm a bit disappointed that I only realized this "mirror day" and not any of the "mirror days" before like 11.02.2011 or 01.02.2010. Today I was super bored so I did some calculations actually just writing dates on a paper lol and discovered (wow this word makes everything sound so epic) that these "mirror days" have sort of a pattern. But actually I'm too angry to explain it again here so figure it out yourself if you're interested XDDD The next "mirror" day will be 02.02.2020 and I'm sure there will be so much fuss about that day to be the end of the world... Which brings me to my next point.

One word to all you people preaching about the end of the world happening in 21.12.2012:
Whether it's real madness or omg-this-is-so-hip-now-I-gotta-believe-this-although-really-I-don't-okay-this-is-just-funny madness, do what you want. But DO NOT INVOLVE ME IN IT. 

Unless there's a party against the end of the world, like a friend of mine said.
Or a party anyways.
With booze onmom.

I mean one of the most annoying things is when you are talking about for example your plans for next year and then this trollface comes and says "but there won't be a next year since the world is going to end 2012 hehe"

The reaction inside my head

The reaction I actually do *hahaha and then facepalm*

Nigahiga, my favorite Youtube star, has a video about the end of the world... pretty much summarises my opinions heheh. Just gotta love Nigahiga ♥

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