Pink hair is pink

AND AFTER! happy face is happy
I posted this in FB too but had to post it here too. Finally found my baby <3
Today made some mini sushi nom
Lazy ass me haven't blogged since September... Well whatever. I lost my camera last autum, have no idea when exactly so I don't even have that many pictures to post. These pics here are just from my webcam, lol.

Living in Espoo and it's so cold outside my butt freezes even inside the house. Toes have been frozen to the bone for so long I can't even remember... Ah just really this whole autum has been horrible for me, okay nice things have happened too but just all these colds and fevers and headaches and everything is too much. Although now that it's beginning to get sunnier and the days are longer, meaning there's light more than five hours a day, my inner happy monster is releasing itself. ^^

My hair is pink now ( ̄▽ ̄)!!! Waahoo. Actually gotta tell you that for a SUPER LONG time (okay this is long time in my time which means that in normal persons life it's a month or so...), for a long time my hair was of "normal" color, meaning first it was black like in the first pic okay that's brown, then it faded into brown, then I dyed it lighter brown and then finally managed to get that yucky orange-blonde hair...

That's what you get when you suddenly decide to dye your hair black.

And to those who say red color is the most difficult color to bleach... 
Yeah right. Been there, done that. Black is heavy.

But okay I'll put some pictures of some things that have happened~
Dr. Robbins was nearly killed. OTOKOOOO! Live action role play is serious business. Haa okay this actually shows my hair before it became black! So after the blue in previous post it went darker, yeah, now I remember.. it went darker blue so it was quite easy to dye it black and ah those horrible roots...
Super old event already. In August I went to the Peacock theatre in Helsinki to see Stage: Silmistä Pois musical ♥ I'm so proud to have graduated from the same gymnasium, TYK!
Ah this was my favorite scene! so funny XDDD
Omigosh I noticed I have some pictures from our little Halloween photoshoot with my friend. I think I'll post them next time and maybe also some super hyper crappy quality cellphone pictures...

♥ There's one thing I'd like to say here to my friends who may be reading this:

FIGHTING!!! o/ we are strong, we will overcome everything, there's no storm big enough to beat us down! And as Lylle says, "we have our entire lifetime to meet" so we'll meet again and many times more... ^^ ♥

Favorite song atm~

Until next time then! 

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