Materialistic Me

Raaaaaaaaaaaaa too much happened and too little time to blog about it now...
_(._.)_ ごめんなさい!
♪ Sorry sorry sorry sorry ♫

 Woah outfit pics after a looooong time! I was in a hurry and just took few quick pictures so they're a bit blurry, sorry. Well anyways this was yesterday's outfit and way too much leopard XD I've been trying to get rid of my addiction for leopard print for over two years but... ^^

 Make up and showing off the star ring which I'm wearing probably everyday. I almost fell asleep wearing it :D more make up stuff coming soon by the way, hopefully with better quality than this...

what I wore the day before yesterday, simple and comfy. Sick me is sick :<

 I just hate the fact that I can't dye my hair because I'm still recovering from the ear surgery. This may seem so materialistic to some of you but seriously I enjoy coloring my hair and even though my hair gets damaged, I do it quite often, it's a part of me. I've been thinking of getting more wigs but I couldn't wear wigs daily. So atm I got no other choice but to hide my rage face and try to hang in there for a few more weeks... Then I get to color, color, color... (kekeke just remember what coloring meant in one episode of Sex and the City XD)
Oh speaking of color, we did this color analysis at my school on Thursday and I seem to be summer sliding to spring (or something like that it was, meaning I'm a combo of cold and warm and vivid, bright colors suit me, I smile easily and blush XD oh that's too true...). I'm proud of myself, I've been to school and I'm beginning to catch up again. My work list is long but I'm ambitious now, I'm going to get it all done! 

This week I've been shopping which is quite unlike me, maybe it's spring that is making me a shoppaholic again... I found that dvd Aaltojen kuohu (Ocean Waves), a Ghibli movie ♥ Haven't seen it yet and it was on sale so had to buy it. And then... HELLO KITTY CRAP 8---D I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty... I bought three more those Hello Kitty chocolate eggs today again -_-' But I want to collect 'em all!

and then this was something so cool and only two euros hehee. My materialistic lust has been satisfied. For now. Just kidding but seriously gotta save some money. Where is the Uncle Scrooge spirit from last month?

Tomorrow or actually today I'm going to Uusikaupunki to celebrate my friend's birthday so gotta be off now... stay tuned for next episode of this normal person here:

  Did I wow you with my incredible beauty?


Bunny day shopping

Since my friend still hasn't sent the damn photos to me (but who am I to blaim, it takes forever for me to send photos too... XD) I'm just going to post some pictures of my shopping last Thursday, I call it "the Bunny day". I actually discovered my old camera again so no cellphone crappy quality pictures this time, yay! Although this camera of mine ain't so good either, eheheh... ^^'

Mini bunny stapler from some little boutique in Itis. Stapling has never been more fun! ^^

Jewelry and staples from Backstreet. That star ring's my favorite accessory now... 

Lace strings and hair clips from Askarelli. Oh how I love crafts shops, could stay there forever.. 

Pink bunny fabric from fabric store Eurokangas. Words can't describe how happy I was to found that piece of fabric ♥ It's going to be my favorite skirt. I'm adding the blue lace string above to the hem! Hopefully I manage to sew to the skirt and accessories during these two weeks since I'll be wearing it in a tea party...

Close up of my favorite bunny position there ♥

Yeah, last Thursday was a bunny day for sure! speaking of bunnies:

When I first saw that picture ages ago, I remember it actually took more than five seconds for me to see the odd one! X'''D That's me alright... 

and so you would get a total overload of bunnies... Remember this? XD

It's gonna stay in my head for weeks weeheeeeee. And oh oh as I was endlessly browsing super cute bunny videos, I remembered this:

okay must stop now, I'm off to sew some late projects, including two pants and a blouse AND later that bunny skirt, whoah lotta things to do...


Piggy talks!

I don't believe I have introduced my wonderful piggy here yet? My friends have seen him live and in Facebook but here he has been a secret... UNTIL NOW MWAHAHAHAHAAAA. 
Piggy is one of my favorite 縫いぐるみ, stuffed animals but he's so much more than just a stuffed toy. Not only is he a friend who you can hug endlessly, a great pillow when watching tv since he let's you lie on his tummy but I have never met a person who wouldn't have liked him! Everyone wants to take him away from me ;____;

Volume 1: the Weirdo and the Pig. This was ages ago, tried something random dress up & make up like I do often. I've made the hat on piggy's head. The quality and background sucks but who cares XD

Volume 2: the Devil and the Angel

Oh btw piggy doesn't have a name! I suck at giving names. Even my favorite teddy doesn't. I know, terrible crime O___O But I believe the time will come someday when I finally get my brains functioning and shout those names, including piggy's name. And piggy is just fine the way he is, he's a happy sailor. And yes, he's a dude. Don't know why, he just seems so. Or maybe he's an androgyne ^^ 
And here's what he wants to say:
A man of few words. Respect.

+And this weirdo with Sumomo hat had happenings this week, WOOHOO! During my last week of sick leave I've been exploring Helsinki with my friend and we had some nice little adventures. More about that as soon as I get the pictures! Bye bye~


quickly aaa ike ike

Stiches off - ♪ TODAY! ♫
Finally I may hear again properly. And maybe finally this heartbeat in my ear will go away. Nowadays there's been hardly any pain but the beating... TSUDUM TSUDUM TSUDUM 24/7, SO SWEET ♥

Oh and last night I got to watch The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift!!! One of my favorite movies of all time. It's not the plot that is so interesting but just... something. It's COOL :D I mean I don't even have a car but I still like these movies and especially this. And okay okay you got me, TOKYO Drift :D 
If you haven't seen it, watch it now! 

From The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Han is my favorite, he's the one holding his hand on his shoulder.

Yeah I'm not all softy, I like action movies too and HORROR...


Layout change

Finally I changed the layout heheheee~
It may be still in process but looks good enough for now and well well who stayed up quite late here, I think I'll go to sleep now. But just a few things before I go.
Now ♥

I do I do I do I do I do I do~♫ like the new layout. The old one had its glow ages ago, I must have had it at least a year O__O whoopsie. And well although my picture in the new header is a bit old, I still love it ^^
EDIT: fixed the header picture so that's why this post is in the picture :D now it's a bit more yin yang...

and exiting news! Since I've been saving money like uncle Scrooge this month and actually the previous month too, after a long time of thinking I ordered something from Pinky Paradise...^^ they should arrive in within 14-25 days, I can't wait!

and now, GOOD NIGHT 8---D


Happy St. Paddy's Day!

this year just hanging out at home, can't go green if you know what I mean! 
But oh well, here's a pic of me on St. Patrick's Day 2011, Imma so green with mah green moustaches, admire my awesome paint skills:
oh goo I hope Saana still doesn't have THE picture of me then... the picture of me with such a lovely face! XD


rage & random

X__X I'm so dead, too much everything happened. But the main thing is that I survived!!! I survived the ear operation which happened on Tuesday and survived parties the farewell and the airport which was kinda cool to see ehehe... Now all I need to do now is to survive this oh-so-horrible-24/7-ear pain which is constantly with me unless I'm sleeping. But hey, at least I can chill since I have two weeks of sick leave. Today me and mom went to check out Espoo center and we found antiquarian bookshop. Interesting in way though that I only bought:
- one book (freaking LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY IN ENGLISH, finally)
- and... four movies XD Shanghai Knights & Shanghai Noon (Chackie Chan never fails, not even after 42424242 times watching the movies), Kate & Leopold (it's so romantic I can't even) and the very first Harry Potter movie, the Philosopher's Stone, now I have all the movies. Except the final one but I'll get it soon...
- WHOOPS EDIT: also got Porco Rosso ♥ I'm a sucker for Ghibli movies...

What else? Too jealous to the adventure guy since he's in Japan wonderland and I'm stuck here. He's probably like:

and I'm like:

JUST KIDDING! But seriously I'm so jealous but seriously:
It's wonderful! Have fun! 

Now so much for the arghhh part, now randomness, meaning some old pictures I've taken but been too busy/lazy/something to put them here, sorry 'bout the crappy quality, cell phone you see....

a project STILL in process... Alucard much? XD
Le Desucon Frostbite 2012, made the dress and the scarf myself ^^ some dude took photos of me so when I found them I'll post them here. They are better pictures than this and this picture is from the second day and I don't even have my wig on. Anyways on the 2nd day I was this some kinda zombie dollie something ahahaha
I can't stand this picture, looking so innocent and young and why can't I look like that now ;__; this was I guess a year ago
IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOOOWNN DIDIDIIDIIII DIDIDIDDIDDIII (from my friends B-day party ♥) I made a total fool out of myself by singing Alice Cooper's Poison and Don't you forget about me by Simple Minds with Nani XD)
Aaaand this was when I was larping Ron Weasley. I actually somehow managed to turn this hatmaker wig into something more flat but it still looked... interesting as some of you may know. Good memories, good memories!
Le nomnom salmon sushi by me the other day. I could live with this forever. Seriously.
Westwood ♥ how can this chick rock it even while sitting on top of a trash bin!?!? Gotta honour that.
NANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANASALTMAAAN!!! I want these ;___; even though I already have salt & pepper shakers...
Once upon a time there was an interesting day in Keuruu! can't tell you where this is since it's a secret but it was kinda epic...!

and let's finish randomness with even more randomness! Thank you Marika and hey Raine, if you happen to see these guys there, I wanna know, film a video or something!!! *__*


オオサンショウウオ! kero kero~

Presenting this another thingie, a necklace I made some weeks ago!  The Giant Salamander from the anime Pani Poni Dash. I needle felted it~

(and yes I do have other clothes, just took the picture same day took the bow tie pictures :P)

Original オオサンショウウオ (Ousanshouuo):

 He's so adorable with his kero kero voice and everything. I want one. Although krhm okay the real giant salamanders in Japan look like this:

They're so adorable! __ I became super interested in this animal again so here's also a video, a Japanese Giant Salamander documentary from National Geographic's Wild Chronicles:
Found the picture and video from this page.

And now that we're in it, why not put some okay too many Pani Poni screenshots here, I took some since I'm always laughing while watching this I HAVE NO WORD for this anime. Insane? Genious? You name it. Enjoy these pictures, there's quite many!

I can't stand this face of Rebecca Miyamoto XD
Of course my favorite is Ichijou. First I didn't quite like her but now as I'm watching the 16th episode... ♥
Although Himeko is... beyond words ♥

Bunnies, why u so cute. Reminds of the bunnies my friend Nani and Maria got at Raine's farewell party XDD
Dat face.
My current wallpaper just because.
and this is too true. My friend told me that on the dvd you can actually pick how many references you want to read... If you choose the maximum, it's like you have to constantly stop in order to read every reference there is XD

Lord Cat neko sama whatever FISHING ON THE ROOF roflmao I laughed my ass off

Nuuskamuikkunen!!! ♥
 My reaction exactly as I saw that Snufkin...
I also made a gif since this was just...
Their reaction was also just...
Poor baby ;__;
End of that scene. Hilarious. This was in episode 13!

Creepy... ♥ I have no idea in which ep is this from. Maybe the spooky house something?

I hope you read this post Raine since I want to thank you (and Perttu of course) for introducing me to this mindblowing anime! Tomorrow we'll meet one last time so I guess I'm already bidding you farewell here~♥ 

end of story people. Go away niahahahhahaaaaa