Bunny day shopping

Since my friend still hasn't sent the damn photos to me (but who am I to blaim, it takes forever for me to send photos too... XD) I'm just going to post some pictures of my shopping last Thursday, I call it "the Bunny day". I actually discovered my old camera again so no cellphone crappy quality pictures this time, yay! Although this camera of mine ain't so good either, eheheh... ^^'

Mini bunny stapler from some little boutique in Itis. Stapling has never been more fun! ^^

Jewelry and staples from Backstreet. That star ring's my favorite accessory now... 

Lace strings and hair clips from Askarelli. Oh how I love crafts shops, could stay there forever.. 

Pink bunny fabric from fabric store Eurokangas. Words can't describe how happy I was to found that piece of fabric ♥ It's going to be my favorite skirt. I'm adding the blue lace string above to the hem! Hopefully I manage to sew to the skirt and accessories during these two weeks since I'll be wearing it in a tea party...

Close up of my favorite bunny position there ♥

Yeah, last Thursday was a bunny day for sure! speaking of bunnies:

When I first saw that picture ages ago, I remember it actually took more than five seconds for me to see the odd one! X'''D That's me alright... 

and so you would get a total overload of bunnies... Remember this? XD

It's gonna stay in my head for weeks weeheeeeee. And oh oh as I was endlessly browsing super cute bunny videos, I remembered this:

okay must stop now, I'm off to sew some late projects, including two pants and a blouse AND later that bunny skirt, whoah lotta things to do...


  1. Heh, I must admit that for me it also took a while to spot the fake bunny :D

    And it's a complete mystery to me how those rabbits in cups can be so DAMN CUTE even though they don't even do anything special.

    P.S. I bought today a beatiful Japanese rice bowl which has sakura and moon bunny pictures on it's side. (There's an old Japanese myth that on moon there lives a rabbit which makes rice cakes..)

    1. Oh, nice to know I'm not the only one xD
      YEAH THEY ARE BEYOND WORDS MAN... But I guess it is a fact that bunnies are cute even when they are doing nothing.
      Ooooo show me a picture of that *___*
      btw that myth is so much better than the old joke about the moon being made of cheese ehehe -_-'