Layout change

Finally I changed the layout heheheee~
It may be still in process but looks good enough for now and well well who stayed up quite late here, I think I'll go to sleep now. But just a few things before I go.
Now ♥

I do I do I do I do I do I do~♫ like the new layout. The old one had its glow ages ago, I must have had it at least a year O__O whoopsie. And well although my picture in the new header is a bit old, I still love it ^^
EDIT: fixed the header picture so that's why this post is in the picture :D now it's a bit more yin yang...

and exiting news! Since I've been saving money like uncle Scrooge this month and actually the previous month too, after a long time of thinking I ordered something from Pinky Paradise...^^ they should arrive in within 14-25 days, I can't wait!

and now, GOOD NIGHT 8---D


  1. Very stylish new layout:)

    Even though if one compares it with the prewious layout, one could say that you are gradually sliding to the dark side.. O_o

    1. ありがとう! ^^ glad to hear that.
      And yeah I know BUT you know I could have gone darker... like changing the blog background to black, I thought of it for a long time. But there's nothing wrong with a little darkness now is there? Besides, the header is made to resemble yin and yang..
      bla bla bla I stop now 8--D

  2. Oioi onpa hieno uusi kuva ja tausta :) (Joo ja kyllä, lueskelen sun blogia, vaikken ookaan ennen kommentoinu (luulin että blogittomuus estää >.<))

    1. tuttu naama! eiku. Mutta kiitän ^^ joo kommenttia voi heittää kuka vaan ja musta lukijaksikin voi liittyä vaikka ei olis blogia