Materialistic Me

Raaaaaaaaaaaaa too much happened and too little time to blog about it now...
_(._.)_ ごめんなさい!
♪ Sorry sorry sorry sorry ♫

 Woah outfit pics after a looooong time! I was in a hurry and just took few quick pictures so they're a bit blurry, sorry. Well anyways this was yesterday's outfit and way too much leopard XD I've been trying to get rid of my addiction for leopard print for over two years but... ^^

 Make up and showing off the star ring which I'm wearing probably everyday. I almost fell asleep wearing it :D more make up stuff coming soon by the way, hopefully with better quality than this...

what I wore the day before yesterday, simple and comfy. Sick me is sick :<

 I just hate the fact that I can't dye my hair because I'm still recovering from the ear surgery. This may seem so materialistic to some of you but seriously I enjoy coloring my hair and even though my hair gets damaged, I do it quite often, it's a part of me. I've been thinking of getting more wigs but I couldn't wear wigs daily. So atm I got no other choice but to hide my rage face and try to hang in there for a few more weeks... Then I get to color, color, color... (kekeke just remember what coloring meant in one episode of Sex and the City XD)
Oh speaking of color, we did this color analysis at my school on Thursday and I seem to be summer sliding to spring (or something like that it was, meaning I'm a combo of cold and warm and vivid, bright colors suit me, I smile easily and blush XD oh that's too true...). I'm proud of myself, I've been to school and I'm beginning to catch up again. My work list is long but I'm ambitious now, I'm going to get it all done! 

This week I've been shopping which is quite unlike me, maybe it's spring that is making me a shoppaholic again... I found that dvd Aaltojen kuohu (Ocean Waves), a Ghibli movie ♥ Haven't seen it yet and it was on sale so had to buy it. And then... HELLO KITTY CRAP 8---D I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty... I bought three more those Hello Kitty chocolate eggs today again -_-' But I want to collect 'em all!

and then this was something so cool and only two euros hehee. My materialistic lust has been satisfied. For now. Just kidding but seriously gotta save some money. Where is the Uncle Scrooge spirit from last month?

Tomorrow or actually today I'm going to Uusikaupunki to celebrate my friend's birthday so gotta be off now... stay tuned for next episode of this normal person here:

  Did I wow you with my incredible beauty?


  1. I really like your blog! You look so good! :)

    I bought a lot of those Hello Kitty eggs because of virpojat (I guess there's no corresponding word in english :D) but as no one came, I started to eat them myself... And now, there are only a few left O.O And toys inside the eggs are so awesome! Do you have one in a cupcake? :D It's so cute!

    1. Thank you 8) Like your blog too!
      Oh that's too bad no one came but oh my I'm so jealous, you must have got so many figures! I seriously buy them just for the figures, the chocolate is just a nice plus XD NOOOOO I don't have that one, I want it!!! or actually I've been craving the one with the dolphin since last year ;__;