Piggy talks!

I don't believe I have introduced my wonderful piggy here yet? My friends have seen him live and in Facebook but here he has been a secret... UNTIL NOW MWAHAHAHAHAAAA. 
Piggy is one of my favorite 縫いぐるみ, stuffed animals but he's so much more than just a stuffed toy. Not only is he a friend who you can hug endlessly, a great pillow when watching tv since he let's you lie on his tummy but I have never met a person who wouldn't have liked him! Everyone wants to take him away from me ;____;

Volume 1: the Weirdo and the Pig. This was ages ago, tried something random dress up & make up like I do often. I've made the hat on piggy's head. The quality and background sucks but who cares XD

Volume 2: the Devil and the Angel

Oh btw piggy doesn't have a name! I suck at giving names. Even my favorite teddy doesn't. I know, terrible crime O___O But I believe the time will come someday when I finally get my brains functioning and shout those names, including piggy's name. And piggy is just fine the way he is, he's a happy sailor. And yes, he's a dude. Don't know why, he just seems so. Or maybe he's an androgyne ^^ 
And here's what he wants to say:
A man of few words. Respect.

+And this weirdo with Sumomo hat had happenings this week, WOOHOO! During my last week of sick leave I've been exploring Helsinki with my friend and we had some nice little adventures. More about that as soon as I get the pictures! Bye bye~


  1. I also suck at naming my stuffed animals.
    Are you sure that his/her name isn't Napoleon? Because I think that there's a big similarity..

    1. ÖHÖM it took me a while to reply because this got me off guard! SO THAT'S WHERE THE PUHI PUHI CAME FROM! I couldn't even remember that, I should watch School Rumble again... :D
      Piggy's name is now Napoleon Bonapetto!