rage & random

X__X I'm so dead, too much everything happened. But the main thing is that I survived!!! I survived the ear operation which happened on Tuesday and survived parties the farewell and the airport which was kinda cool to see ehehe... Now all I need to do now is to survive this oh-so-horrible-24/7-ear pain which is constantly with me unless I'm sleeping. But hey, at least I can chill since I have two weeks of sick leave. Today me and mom went to check out Espoo center and we found antiquarian bookshop. Interesting in way though that I only bought:
- one book (freaking LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY IN ENGLISH, finally)
- and... four movies XD Shanghai Knights & Shanghai Noon (Chackie Chan never fails, not even after 42424242 times watching the movies), Kate & Leopold (it's so romantic I can't even) and the very first Harry Potter movie, the Philosopher's Stone, now I have all the movies. Except the final one but I'll get it soon...
- WHOOPS EDIT: also got Porco Rosso ♥ I'm a sucker for Ghibli movies...

What else? Too jealous to the adventure guy since he's in Japan wonderland and I'm stuck here. He's probably like:

and I'm like:

JUST KIDDING! But seriously I'm so jealous but seriously:
It's wonderful! Have fun! 

Now so much for the arghhh part, now randomness, meaning some old pictures I've taken but been too busy/lazy/something to put them here, sorry 'bout the crappy quality, cell phone you see....

a project STILL in process... Alucard much? XD
Le Desucon Frostbite 2012, made the dress and the scarf myself ^^ some dude took photos of me so when I found them I'll post them here. They are better pictures than this and this picture is from the second day and I don't even have my wig on. Anyways on the 2nd day I was this some kinda zombie dollie something ahahaha
I can't stand this picture, looking so innocent and young and why can't I look like that now ;__; this was I guess a year ago
IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOOOWNN DIDIDIIDIIII DIDIDIDDIDDIII (from my friends B-day party ♥) I made a total fool out of myself by singing Alice Cooper's Poison and Don't you forget about me by Simple Minds with Nani XD)
Aaaand this was when I was larping Ron Weasley. I actually somehow managed to turn this hatmaker wig into something more flat but it still looked... interesting as some of you may know. Good memories, good memories!
Le nomnom salmon sushi by me the other day. I could live with this forever. Seriously.
Westwood ♥ how can this chick rock it even while sitting on top of a trash bin!?!? Gotta honour that.
NANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANASALTMAAAN!!! I want these ;___; even though I already have salt & pepper shakers...
Once upon a time there was an interesting day in Keuruu! can't tell you where this is since it's a secret but it was kinda epic...!

and let's finish randomness with even more randomness! Thank you Marika and hey Raine, if you happen to see these guys there, I wanna know, film a video or something!!! *__*


  1. I will let you know if I meet those guys:)
    And try to cope with that ear pain

    1. thank you! 耳の中にプルスはすげいですでも大丈夫、大丈夫です。。。 ^^ 今はも。。。 um um better. How do you say better in Japanese? ^^' niinkun "nyt on asiat jo paremmin"?

  2. I would say "ima wa motto ii" (now it's better) or "ima wa saki yori ii" (now it's better than before).

    But it's good to hear that it's getting better:)