Tokyo Dogs, save my boring holiday

I wanna go to Tampere. NOW!  It's not fair that I'm stuck here in Espoo because of ONE DAY between weekend and May Day (a holiday) and to top it all, I'm broke like never before, have to wait until Friday and then I'm rich again. Stupid KELA >___<
So this May Day is going to be quite boring for me, just staying at home. Not that I even wanted to get waisted, not my thing anymore hahaha, but it would've been fun to chill with friends... -__-
But I'll be entertaining myself with anime and this I've been meaning to tell about...

I mean, Mizushima Hiro AND Oguri Shun in the same series??? Beyond words ♥ Burning kirakira love for both ikemen. I have no idea why I haven't watched this series before and many many times afterwards...
I took some screen shots, mostly of Maruo because he's just... Just watch this series and you know XD Takakura So is also so cool and handsome with those funny moments but Maruo has stolen my heart, aaa those moustaches and that messy hair...

Ahahaa this was hilarious, Maruo ♥ Episode 5.
PFFFFT hahaha. Episode 6.
Those hats whatever and him are just such a AWW combination XD
I seriously watched this scene over and over again, it's so funny XDDD episode 7.
I would have said cheese to that adorable face *__*
Poor baby ;___;
Itai itai XDD hihii yeah gotta love those moments between Yuki and Maruo...
In this blog text there's also some nice screen shots and you can read the plot too, no real spoilers. And also there's the ending song, it's so perfect! Aaa, why is there only ten episodes, I wish this show could go on forever! I have only two episodes to watch ;__;

So watch Tokyo Dogs if you like action dramas and handsome guys, this is perfect! *fangirl screaming*



... quick update! Hahahahhaa I have finally conquered the fever and minus the headache, I'm feeling quite well and be heading to school now! And today it's also Tampere calling as on Saturday it's TYKlarp 2012 (check my previous post) and tonight I'll be playing some pool with my friends, it's gonna be fun!
So bye bye for now and enjoy these food pictures, I want to show them to someone because they're so cute and funny! Found them here.

And if this wasn't enough, here's a final icebreaker:


The Ounce purchases

I've spend my last sick day looking like this, it's pretty interesting. The costume isn't quite ready yet but this is a sneak peek, I have made those horns myself! I may just as well tell you the reason:


On Saturday it's live action role play ahead, the annual TYKlarp is happening. This is the third time I'm participating in it and I guess this is my 11th larp... Not sure, might be 12th. Anycasewhogivesacrap, I haven't been larping (live action role playing) for ages! Last time was in the autum, I think I wrote about in here too, I was doctor Simon Cow- *cough cough*... I mean, doctor Simon Robbins. In case I didn't tell then, I accidentally said I was Simon Cowell in the game, imagine everyone's faces and me trying desperately to suffocate the laughter and embarrassiment XDDD

I'm so good at writing about anything else but the thing I was supposed to write, on to the main point - the three things I bought from The Ounce, check my previous post if you haven't read it.

I fell in love with the paper bags too... And on the right is what was inside that bag!

First off: tea called Minttumate, in English mint maté. This tea is based on mate or maté, spell it either way. Mate tastes somewhat like strong green tea but it has strong acerbity. So it has a strong aroma, it's grassy and tastes herbal. Mate drink has a cheery influence due to the caffeine in it.
So along with mate this Minttumate tea has mint, rose pedals and pedals of sunflower, knapweed (Bachelor's button ^^) and safflower. As you can conclude from the name, this really smells and tastes like mint ♥
It's really good and the price is only 2.10 euros par ounce (ounce being 28g)!

Now this was a very exiting name, Samuraimiekka, in English Samurai sword. This is strong spiced green tea with Gunpowder that gives the tea its nature. But that's not all since when I first smelled this tea it immediately bombarded me with cherry scent! So to give the tea its freshness it has cherry, lemon grass and orange peel. I wasn't disappointed with this tea either, so tasty, tasty and exiting! Makes me feel like an adventurer, hehe :D

When I first walked into the store I saw this along with other spiced sugars, there were some samples and after we had enjoyed our tea and bought some, I just... couldn't leave without this. I mean c'mon, STRAWBERRY SUGAR ♥

Two ounces of sweet, sweeter, sweetest strawberry sugar. I've been adding this to my regular bag tea to make it more special :D But it looks so yummy, doesn't it? There were also lemon sugar and maybe apple, orange, I can't remember but more flavored sugar...

Smiley nails sacrificing the innocent sugar to the sweet mint mate tea under....
Yes, I'm a child and I have to play.
All the time.


The Ounce

Ugh when I said I had conquered that fever... ♫ I'm saying no, no, no ♪ Stupid fever, still some after symptoms. But having that said, I'm still waiting for those pictures and possible video for my show in SAKUstars so I decided to tell you about some other happenings...

It was a lovely Thursday five weeks ago and we were just wandering around the center of Helsinki with my friend Kulkuritar. I was still on my sick leave so no school and we were just two happy goofies who had nothing to do, but that's just perfect. We were kind of "half searching" for this place called the Ounce, a tea boutique my friend's sister had recommended and we found it!

The Ounce outside. Picture found here
Inside the Ounce, lovely tea shelfs ♥ Picture from same place as above.

So, the Ounce. One of the most charming places I've ever been to. Their website is only in Finnish so I'll tell about in English. The Ounce is a tea shop, a store specialized in tea. And oh boy, that tea there ain't no ordinary tea at all! First when we went inside the shop we were just gonna buy some tea but then I suggested we'd have some tea there since in the back of the shop there is this lovely "room" with chairs and tables to enjoy some tea while listening CLASSICAL MUSIC ♥. You can see it here, it shows the entire shop~

Tea room was small but in no way uncomfortable! Really charming. We decided to sit in one corner table where there was a sofa too, not in the picture. Picture credits to my friend Kulkuritar.

We had this tea called Kolme veneessä (free translation would be Three in a boat), it's black spiced tea.

Kolme VeneessäKolme Veneessä is a mixture of black Ceylon and Chinese Keemun tea. To add the flavor there are bits of mango, raspberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant and knapweed.

I had no idea what kaunokki was in English and when I checked a web dictionary, it gave me "knapweed" and "bachelor's button"! How cute is that, bachelor's button XD
We both had this tea in our own pots (very nice indeed) and it was so good and so cheap when compared to quality. Many of the delicious tea are only something like two euros par ounce. Like my friend said, it's so much better than buying some bag tea with 1.5 euros in an ordinary café, here you can get braised tea with quality. 
My dear friend enjoying her tea. Let's go again~

We wrote in the guest book too saying we don't regret coming here instead of going to a bar. Way better way to spend time! Although in the end we did go to a bar... XD By the way anyone knows how to say "mennä yksille" in English? I guess something like having one drink (in a bar)...

And of course, we bought something to go too. My friend bought Creme Bruleé (Indian black tea with toffee bits) and Wu Lu Mountain (Chinese green tea) and I bought two ounces of tea and also something else cute! I'll tell about them in the next post so keep following, mwahahahaaa!
Just before Easter I went back to the Ounce and bought that Creme Bruleé because damn, it just smells too good! And then I bought Pääsiäiskakku (Easter cake) tea too. Creme Bruleé was even better than its reputation, so sweet, with milk it was like having a dessert ♥ and the Pääsiäiskakku was very, very nice too!

So if you have a chance, go visit The Ounce and if you have more time, I highly recommend having tea there! Once you go inside the shop it's like a fascinating whole new world. But prepare facing the ugly reality after saying byebye to the shop... 


My show in SAKUstars Talent + interview

I'm still waiting for my pictures from that SAKUstars event so only three pictures for now, they are from SAKUstars picture gallery in Flickr, Talent category. Photographer is Julius Töyrylä.

I'll post more pictures later, better pictures of my whole show outfit and performance pictures, also waiting for videos, a collection video of that Talent section is hopefully coming in SAKUstars 2012 youtube channel soon, they said next week more videos... Oh and few pictures of SAKUstars in general, I had really fun time there even though in the end I got a little fever but it's all gone now luckily ^^'

So, last Wednesday (that long time ago already?!?!?) I was the first one to perform in Talent section in Keuda arena. To those who don't know Finnish or didn't happen to read my earlier post about SAKUstars, I was singing my own song titled Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. I have written and composed the song myself and recorded and edited the instrumental version of it on CD. (this is the second version now but I'm still working on it, I hope someday soon I'll be able to record it with singing and maybe publish it!)
It was so relieving to perform first because (like I say in the interview) I could enjoy others' performances in peace, without stressing about my own show. But the funny thing was that I WAS THE ONLY GIRL THERE XDDD the others were all boys and I think I remember correctly when I say that out of seven shows four was or included beatboxing! And well, the medals went to beatboxers... Funny thing, I was actually in the third place at first but then the judges decided a new winner and the first guy came second, the second guys came third and I was dropped :< (in a way you could say I'm in fourth place but dunno) But in the end, I don't care because I didn't come to SAKUstars to win, I simply came to sing my song! My song that means too much to me. And like I said in Facebook on Thursday: 
Yesterday's outcome: didn't win any medals but who cares, I sang like never before and Janne Kataja said it was fantastic :D

this was the Keuda arena in SAKUstars. You could only get in with a competition pass but there were lot of people since 700 competitors + all the teachers and coaches and staff participated in SAKUstars. Lotta space and I was way too exited to sing here in the stage!!!

Also, I got interviewed by a reporter of SAKUry! SAKU means Suomen ammatillisen koulutuksen kulttuuri- ja urheiluliitto so in English that would be something like The culture and sport union of vocational education of Finland... The interview in Finnish only but there are two pictures of me and last one is of the judges, there is Janne Kataja who is a Finnish entertainer, a celebrity :D Really nice guy, I even got a picture with him after the show!

Ahaha I must be a bit tall with those boots XD
If you have any questions, do ask! I'll be happy to answer ^^
Anyways, here's a link to the interview~

SAKUry's interview in Finnish


J-dorama: 絶対彼氏 - Absolute boyfriend

Okay I'm too lazy to update about anything that takes longer than five minutes now so just talking about TV shows XD I finished watching both seasons of Rosario + Vampire, it was awesome with its endless panty shots and all and Tsukune is too cute ♥___♥ now I'm watching anime called Princess Princess or actually haven't begin watching yet because I found this drama called Absolute boyfriend (絶対彼氏, zettai kareshi).

It's a Japanese drama starring
 - Aibu Saki as Izawa Riiko(Wakamura Yayoi from Attention Please! aaaa and she was for ex. that eeeevil cheerleader Nanami Natsuki in Buzzerbeat, love that drama btw)
 - Hayami Mokomichi as Tenjo Night (I've seen him in Gokusen 2, Tsuchiya Hikaru ♥)
 - Mizushima Hiro!!! (yeah I'm a fan ehhehe, Nanba Minami from Hana Kimi and also was in Gokusen 2 and OH MAI I HAVE TOTALLY FORGOT TO WATCH TOKYO DOGS, there is him and... Oguri Shun, words cannot describe how amazing he is...)

Anyways, so far I've only watched the first episode but fell in love with this series already XD you watch it too if you like ラブラブ J-dramas!
I'm watching it here~


My little show in SAKUstars!

This entry is going to be written in Finnish only because this is an event happening next week in Finland. I'll be posting pictures and maybe video material of this later on. However if you are interested and want to come see it, feel free to ask more information! ^^

Kuten sivuilla lukee,
SAKUstars-tapahtuma on valtakunnallinen kulttuurikilpailu kaikille ammattiin opiskeleville.
Kilpailuissa on sarjoja sekä ennakkoon lähetettäville töille että paikanpäällä tehtäville suorituksille. Mukana on kaikki, mitä kulttuuriin kuuluu!
Seuraava SAKUstars järjestetään Järvenpäässä 17.-19.4.2012. Järjestelyistä vastaavat Keuda ja SAKU ry.

Ja tuoltapa löytyy Talent-osiosta heti ensimmäisenä minun nimeni!
Tässä nyt vielä linkkiä jos ette löydä: 2.3.B. TALENT

Esitykseni on siis NYT keskiviikkona 18.4.2012 klo 13.45. Ja aivan, melkein unohtui se tärkein: Esitykseni on nimeltään Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. Nimi tulee kappaleestani, jonka olen itse säveltänyt ja laulan sen livenä nyt toista kertaa. (tai oikeastaan lasken sen ensimmäisen kerran harjoituskerraksi, vaikka se olikin julkisesti laulettu... :D) Olen suunnitellut ja toteuttanut kaiken 10 minuutin showssani itse, kappaleeni, pukuni ja muut proppini sekä koko koreografian.

Oon liian innoissani!!! Tuntuu, että oon odottanut tällaista tilaisuutta koko elämäni. Mulle on ihan sama vaikka en edes pääsisi palkintosijoille, se joka osallistuu palkinnon toivossa saisi mun mielestä juosta avaruuteen ja palata takaisin mukanaan enemmän kuin yhden aivosolun kanssa. TÄÄ TULEE OLEMAAN IHAN MIELETÖN KOKEMUS. Tiedän sen jo nyt, koska herppaan ja hypetän tätä yli kaiken, tosin ehkä pitäisi hieman rauhoittua, koska oon ollut tällainen koko päivän:
Take a chill pill bro. Joo nyt voisin jatkaa proppien väsäämistä, vielä ihan mielettömästi tekemistä näiden neljän päivän aikana...

EDIT: muokkasin tätä vielä ja lisäsin kuvan. Ja kerronpa myös edistyneeni mielettömästi, biisi on valmis ja hyperziljoonasti parempi edellistä versiotaan... Ja siivet, voi siivet... ♥

Olen tästä ystävilleni jo maininnut, mutta vielä kerran tervetuloa katsomaan!


Pappaa pappaa pandaneko

 I'm a sucker for Yoohoo stuffed toys, I collect them. And now this cutie called RingRing, giant panda, was just too superduper sweet to be left behind. He just might like Sparkee, she won't be a loner anymore, yay! They have to get along at least since they are my only Yoohoos of this size, the others are those small ones... ^^'

Anyways, guess what happened inspired by this old classic:

I don't think I have shown you those cat ears? I made them last summer! I know, they are quite big but I just loooove them. I have worn them in a few events already.

 Here's a pic from last summer, just after Animecon in Turku.

Yeah I had some fun in Animecon XD oh I could finally send those few pictures to people, whoops... u_u'

And here's a preview of my little dress up for Saturday's tea party I talked about...

Now I'm off to watch some moar Rosario + Vampire, gosh I love that series though I've seen up to episode six just now! It's a bit of a pantsu anime, a lotta fanservice there, but I do recommend it, it's really funny and as a vampire lover, well.. the name once said it all and now I'm watching it throughoutly ♥


Loving the ending song of Rosario + Vampire. Nana Mizuki is just amazing, I want to sing like her!