Hello Kitty HELL

As you all know or no wait not everyone knows and there's nothing wrong with that and whatta hell am I explaining, Easter is just right at the door and everybody is going crazy about it. Well actually not really but a little bit loco anyways at least when it comes to....


I can't remember when I first saw those Hello Kitty choco eggs, I guess it was last Easter or the Easter before that but I have been quite a hoarder. And this year cannot even be compared to last year. During these couple of weeks I have bought at least one egg everytime I see them in a store and then I bought two everytime and just now as saw them with a price of one euro per one egg, I bought four! Ahahaa I'm afraid next time I'll buy more...
On a side note, I bought this Charmy Kitty chocolate egg and was super disappointed since the egg was so big and there was only a stupid sticker inside, no figure... Never buying those again, from now on I'm sticking with THE Hello Kitty eggs! *determined face*

MY COLLECTION A WHILE AGO! There be four more of those lovelies now~

I do have same ones, yes, only Gladstone Gander wouldn't. I'm planning on using the clones in accessories I make! ^^
My favorites there, the ballerina and the one with the middle finger, thank you Linni for that cutie XD

As my friends know, I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan: Hello Kitty bed sheets, towels, pens, frapping paper, stickers, candy, figures, mugs, frying pan, toothpaste... I can't even remember all the stuff I have at my place XD
But I could be worse! This could be me:

The photo above is from Hello Kitty Hell. Seriously, what a coincidence, I just googled Hello Kitty and found this and it's the same with my title, wtf XDD But this site is... well, the name says it all. Check it out! Although I gotta warn you, there are some really WTF things there O____O
I'm putting this in my favorite blogs too~

ahahahaa I googled pictures of "easter egg meme": easter eggs art and some other thingies... :D

yeah. Nuff said.
I will try to update more often, everyday or every other day. Unless I'm in space.