J-dorama: 絶対彼氏 - Absolute boyfriend

Okay I'm too lazy to update about anything that takes longer than five minutes now so just talking about TV shows XD I finished watching both seasons of Rosario + Vampire, it was awesome with its endless panty shots and all and Tsukune is too cute ♥___♥ now I'm watching anime called Princess Princess or actually haven't begin watching yet because I found this drama called Absolute boyfriend (絶対彼氏, zettai kareshi).

It's a Japanese drama starring
 - Aibu Saki as Izawa Riiko(Wakamura Yayoi from Attention Please! aaaa and she was for ex. that eeeevil cheerleader Nanami Natsuki in Buzzerbeat, love that drama btw)
 - Hayami Mokomichi as Tenjo Night (I've seen him in Gokusen 2, Tsuchiya Hikaru ♥)
 - Mizushima Hiro!!! (yeah I'm a fan ehhehe, Nanba Minami from Hana Kimi and also was in Gokusen 2 and OH MAI I HAVE TOTALLY FORGOT TO WATCH TOKYO DOGS, there is him and... Oguri Shun, words cannot describe how amazing he is...)

Anyways, so far I've only watched the first episode but fell in love with this series already XD you watch it too if you like ラブラブ J-dramas!
I'm watching it here~

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