My order from Pinky Paradise

A beautiful, snowy morning, okay soon afternoon in Espoo, Finland and I finally got time to write about this. I got the package somewhat a week ago and after getting it from the post office went snuggle with it, ehehe~

My order from Pinky Paradise! They have renewed their site and so that's why this lovely package arrived within a WEEK, it should have been from 14-25 days... Imagine my face when I got the note to go get it from the post office... from O___O to:

and what I got waaaas....
*drum roll*

HAW-HAW, YOU GOT FOOLED! Not quite yet since I want to mention some other shoppings. I bought those choco eggs again, my addiction. Also bought knitting yarn for my hoodie, I'll post pictures when it's been knitted. And then bought glue for hat making. And then there is the ~glorious~ package which reveals its secrets now...

I was super greedy so I bought three pairs of circle lenses!!! I had a discount code found from Rosette's blog, this review. So I got gifts with the order, two eye masks and that kamipita (hair holder) like last time, they are nice but I hoped I would have gotten something different this time... And of course the super cute lens cases, the pink case is a hippo case, orange one is a pig case and the blue one is an elephant case. Too cute, too cute! ^--^

My three pairs of magic eyes ♥ From left to right: Barbie King Size Circle Green, Vassen Ruby Red and Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series). I'll review them one by one later on. First of will be those grey ones since I'll be wearing them tomorrow at the Mad Hatter tea party~

(Sorry about the color, bathroom lighting is what it is) Okay it wasn't THAT hard of a deal to get the lenses of their jars or whatever you call these but last time I somehow broke the opening thing and had to use scissors to open these... This time they almost got off nicely, only the last one got stuck and had to use the damn scissors >__<

They are resting now peacefully in their cases... My whole circle lens collection here. On the left back Dolly Eye Blue, on the right back Hana SPC Barbie Circle Brown. Their usage time is almost over, I just want to put them for one last time, they have been so amazing thoughout the year! You can find their reviews on my blog, just click the tag "circle lenses". Front ones are my new babies, from left to right, green ones, red ones and the grey ones ♥

And I'm waiting tomorrow like a loony with a face like....

Oooohohooo this post is my 42nd!
I have reached perfection.
Or maybe this is just the beginning...


  1. Cute lenses, can't wait to see what they look like ^^!


    1. thank you, I'll be updating about those grey lenses tomorrow ^^
      OMFG that header in your blog is too awesome!
      I'll follow your blog :)