My show in SAKUstars Talent + interview

I'm still waiting for my pictures from that SAKUstars event so only three pictures for now, they are from SAKUstars picture gallery in Flickr, Talent category. Photographer is Julius Töyrylä.

I'll post more pictures later, better pictures of my whole show outfit and performance pictures, also waiting for videos, a collection video of that Talent section is hopefully coming in SAKUstars 2012 youtube channel soon, they said next week more videos... Oh and few pictures of SAKUstars in general, I had really fun time there even though in the end I got a little fever but it's all gone now luckily ^^'

So, last Wednesday (that long time ago already?!?!?) I was the first one to perform in Talent section in Keuda arena. To those who don't know Finnish or didn't happen to read my earlier post about SAKUstars, I was singing my own song titled Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. I have written and composed the song myself and recorded and edited the instrumental version of it on CD. (this is the second version now but I'm still working on it, I hope someday soon I'll be able to record it with singing and maybe publish it!)
It was so relieving to perform first because (like I say in the interview) I could enjoy others' performances in peace, without stressing about my own show. But the funny thing was that I WAS THE ONLY GIRL THERE XDDD the others were all boys and I think I remember correctly when I say that out of seven shows four was or included beatboxing! And well, the medals went to beatboxers... Funny thing, I was actually in the third place at first but then the judges decided a new winner and the first guy came second, the second guys came third and I was dropped :< (in a way you could say I'm in fourth place but dunno) But in the end, I don't care because I didn't come to SAKUstars to win, I simply came to sing my song! My song that means too much to me. And like I said in Facebook on Thursday: 
Yesterday's outcome: didn't win any medals but who cares, I sang like never before and Janne Kataja said it was fantastic :D

this was the Keuda arena in SAKUstars. You could only get in with a competition pass but there were lot of people since 700 competitors + all the teachers and coaches and staff participated in SAKUstars. Lotta space and I was way too exited to sing here in the stage!!!

Also, I got interviewed by a reporter of SAKUry! SAKU means Suomen ammatillisen koulutuksen kulttuuri- ja urheiluliitto so in English that would be something like The culture and sport union of vocational education of Finland... The interview in Finnish only but there are two pictures of me and last one is of the judges, there is Janne Kataja who is a Finnish entertainer, a celebrity :D Really nice guy, I even got a picture with him after the show!

Ahaha I must be a bit tall with those boots XD
If you have any questions, do ask! I'll be happy to answer ^^
Anyways, here's a link to the interview~

SAKUry's interview in Finnish


  1. Oi oi näytät upealta <3 Maltan tuskin odottaa, että laitat kuvia koko asusta ja videopätkän esityksestä :)

    1. Kiitoooos <3 Kuvia eikä videoo oo vielä ilmestynyt mutta tulee kun tulee. Mut tää ei oo kivaa tää kuume mikä seurasi, vieläki vähä jälkioireita :< huono vastustuskyky on huono

    2. mm mut nyt taitaa olla lähteny taas, tänää oli jo hyvä meisinki. Nähdäääään ylihuomenna! ^^