The Ounce purchases

I've spend my last sick day looking like this, it's pretty interesting. The costume isn't quite ready yet but this is a sneak peek, I have made those horns myself! I may just as well tell you the reason:


On Saturday it's live action role play ahead, the annual TYKlarp is happening. This is the third time I'm participating in it and I guess this is my 11th larp... Not sure, might be 12th. Anycasewhogivesacrap, I haven't been larping (live action role playing) for ages! Last time was in the autum, I think I wrote about in here too, I was doctor Simon Cow- *cough cough*... I mean, doctor Simon Robbins. In case I didn't tell then, I accidentally said I was Simon Cowell in the game, imagine everyone's faces and me trying desperately to suffocate the laughter and embarrassiment XDDD

I'm so good at writing about anything else but the thing I was supposed to write, on to the main point - the three things I bought from The Ounce, check my previous post if you haven't read it.

I fell in love with the paper bags too... And on the right is what was inside that bag!

First off: tea called Minttumate, in English mint maté. This tea is based on mate or maté, spell it either way. Mate tastes somewhat like strong green tea but it has strong acerbity. So it has a strong aroma, it's grassy and tastes herbal. Mate drink has a cheery influence due to the caffeine in it.
So along with mate this Minttumate tea has mint, rose pedals and pedals of sunflower, knapweed (Bachelor's button ^^) and safflower. As you can conclude from the name, this really smells and tastes like mint ♥
It's really good and the price is only 2.10 euros par ounce (ounce being 28g)!

Now this was a very exiting name, Samuraimiekka, in English Samurai sword. This is strong spiced green tea with Gunpowder that gives the tea its nature. But that's not all since when I first smelled this tea it immediately bombarded me with cherry scent! So to give the tea its freshness it has cherry, lemon grass and orange peel. I wasn't disappointed with this tea either, so tasty, tasty and exiting! Makes me feel like an adventurer, hehe :D

When I first walked into the store I saw this along with other spiced sugars, there were some samples and after we had enjoyed our tea and bought some, I just... couldn't leave without this. I mean c'mon, STRAWBERRY SUGAR ♥

Two ounces of sweet, sweeter, sweetest strawberry sugar. I've been adding this to my regular bag tea to make it more special :D But it looks so yummy, doesn't it? There were also lemon sugar and maybe apple, orange, I can't remember but more flavored sugar...

Smiley nails sacrificing the innocent sugar to the sweet mint mate tea under....
Yes, I'm a child and I have to play.
All the time.


  1. Simon Cowell <3 : DD Komiat sarvet muuten, kuinka sulla riitti kärsivällisyys?

    1. Muistamme ikuisesti :D no kyllähän noissa VÄHÄN hommaa oli huovuttaa mut itse asiassa olin niin kuumehuuruissa ettei ees palanu pinna kertaakaan :D ja tykkään muutenkin hirveesti huovuttaa! ^^