The Ounce

Ugh when I said I had conquered that fever... ♫ I'm saying no, no, no ♪ Stupid fever, still some after symptoms. But having that said, I'm still waiting for those pictures and possible video for my show in SAKUstars so I decided to tell you about some other happenings...

It was a lovely Thursday five weeks ago and we were just wandering around the center of Helsinki with my friend Kulkuritar. I was still on my sick leave so no school and we were just two happy goofies who had nothing to do, but that's just perfect. We were kind of "half searching" for this place called the Ounce, a tea boutique my friend's sister had recommended and we found it!

The Ounce outside. Picture found here
Inside the Ounce, lovely tea shelfs ♥ Picture from same place as above.

So, the Ounce. One of the most charming places I've ever been to. Their website is only in Finnish so I'll tell about in English. The Ounce is a tea shop, a store specialized in tea. And oh boy, that tea there ain't no ordinary tea at all! First when we went inside the shop we were just gonna buy some tea but then I suggested we'd have some tea there since in the back of the shop there is this lovely "room" with chairs and tables to enjoy some tea while listening CLASSICAL MUSIC ♥. You can see it here, it shows the entire shop~

Tea room was small but in no way uncomfortable! Really charming. We decided to sit in one corner table where there was a sofa too, not in the picture. Picture credits to my friend Kulkuritar.

We had this tea called Kolme veneessä (free translation would be Three in a boat), it's black spiced tea.

Kolme VeneessäKolme Veneessä is a mixture of black Ceylon and Chinese Keemun tea. To add the flavor there are bits of mango, raspberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant and knapweed.

I had no idea what kaunokki was in English and when I checked a web dictionary, it gave me "knapweed" and "bachelor's button"! How cute is that, bachelor's button XD
We both had this tea in our own pots (very nice indeed) and it was so good and so cheap when compared to quality. Many of the delicious tea are only something like two euros par ounce. Like my friend said, it's so much better than buying some bag tea with 1.5 euros in an ordinary café, here you can get braised tea with quality. 
My dear friend enjoying her tea. Let's go again~

We wrote in the guest book too saying we don't regret coming here instead of going to a bar. Way better way to spend time! Although in the end we did go to a bar... XD By the way anyone knows how to say "mennä yksille" in English? I guess something like having one drink (in a bar)...

And of course, we bought something to go too. My friend bought Creme Bruleé (Indian black tea with toffee bits) and Wu Lu Mountain (Chinese green tea) and I bought two ounces of tea and also something else cute! I'll tell about them in the next post so keep following, mwahahahaaa!
Just before Easter I went back to the Ounce and bought that Creme Bruleé because damn, it just smells too good! And then I bought Pääsiäiskakku (Easter cake) tea too. Creme Bruleé was even better than its reputation, so sweet, with milk it was like having a dessert ♥ and the Pääsiäiskakku was very, very nice too!

So if you have a chance, go visit The Ounce and if you have more time, I highly recommend having tea there! Once you go inside the shop it's like a fascinating whole new world. But prepare facing the ugly reality after saying byebye to the shop...