Tokyo Dogs, save my boring holiday

I wanna go to Tampere. NOW!  It's not fair that I'm stuck here in Espoo because of ONE DAY between weekend and May Day (a holiday) and to top it all, I'm broke like never before, have to wait until Friday and then I'm rich again. Stupid KELA >___<
So this May Day is going to be quite boring for me, just staying at home. Not that I even wanted to get waisted, not my thing anymore hahaha, but it would've been fun to chill with friends... -__-
But I'll be entertaining myself with anime and this I've been meaning to tell about...

I mean, Mizushima Hiro AND Oguri Shun in the same series??? Beyond words ♥ Burning kirakira love for both ikemen. I have no idea why I haven't watched this series before and many many times afterwards...
I took some screen shots, mostly of Maruo because he's just... Just watch this series and you know XD Takakura So is also so cool and handsome with those funny moments but Maruo has stolen my heart, aaa those moustaches and that messy hair...

Ahahaa this was hilarious, Maruo ♥ Episode 5.
PFFFFT hahaha. Episode 6.
Those hats whatever and him are just such a AWW combination XD
I seriously watched this scene over and over again, it's so funny XDDD episode 7.
I would have said cheese to that adorable face *__*
Poor baby ;___;
Itai itai XDD hihii yeah gotta love those moments between Yuki and Maruo...
In this blog text there's also some nice screen shots and you can read the plot too, no real spoilers. And also there's the ending song, it's so perfect! Aaa, why is there only ten episodes, I wish this show could go on forever! I have only two episodes to watch ;__;

So watch Tokyo Dogs if you like action dramas and handsome guys, this is perfect! *fangirl screaming*

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