Bunnycat makeup

This was ages ago, I think ages ago there was a dwarf starting to grow his beard and now it reaches the ground... I am so increbidly late with this but who cares, I've had too much to do during these months.
The Mad Hatter's tea party aka my friend Marika's birthday party was in April and we sure had a blast...
You could basically dress up as anything between heaven and the Earth!
I had to ask permission for some pictures so in the mean time I wanted to post about my makeup that day.
My outfit was nothing but pink + cat ears so I called myself bunnycat. Maybe I was a combination of that Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit, ehehee... -__-'

Pout face or maybe I'm cracking to laughter here
My makeup is quite easy to do even though it may look like hocuspocus abracadarn-difficult. But I decided to write down how I did it anyways... Here is a picture of some steps (click to enlarge) but I explain everything below. Although I've completed a course in makeup, I'm not a professional so don't be rude, if you have something to say, say it, I learn all the time... (^_-)-☆

1. Circle lenses! My optician always taught me to put lenses on before anything else and off before cleaning face.
2. Clean and moistured face
3. Foundation: I use matt foundation Lumene Natural Code Skin Perfector, shade 11 Cream. After patting the foundation not too heavily I usually let it settle for few minutes.
4. Powder that face baby!
5. Highlighting and shading: I used bronzer below my cheeks (do the goldfish haha), the sides of my nose and jaw, and just a bit of brushing everywhere. I only highlighted my nose (with some white powder, blending well) but you could highlight also the temples, just above the lips and the chin. I did not contour people! This is not contouring just so you know so don't start bitching 8)
6. Eyeshadows! First I put some white eyeshadow from the inner corners to the centre, right below the eyebrow, then fading. After that it's hello blue, fading, purple and fading! I put blue and purple eyeshadows kind of like half and half, well, you see it in the picture.
7. Eyebrows and eyeliner accordingly. Eyebrows can be quite thick and they go "up" to get that weird innocent look or whatever :D I lined my eyes with liquid eyeliner, cat eye look by continuing the line after outer corner and lining half of the lower lashline.
8. Mascara and bending lashes before adding fake eyelashes. Gift from a friend, black lashes with purple, so cool, I want more these kind of lashes!
9. I didn't have lipgloss or anything but could be added. And you're done!

Because I missed my train right before leaving to the party, I took some meaningless web cam photos. Enjoy or not, here they are... (°∀°) <-- that is like Goofy XD oh and in the last post there was a gif, those pictures are from this same.. time. Weirdly said hmm

Serious bunnycat is serious
Bored bunnycat is BORING
Showoff bunnycat (I made the skirt myself! And cat ears too, I think I've mentioned them before)
I have a point... No, I did not.
I AIN'T CHESHIRE CAT aaa tell me the onomatopoetic word for the sound of showing your tongue haha does it even have a sound XDD I bet Japanese have come up with it!
"I'm gonna punch you with my bunny ring"
Aaaand serious bunnycat. Again. Oh no wait it looks like I have that sword going through my head! XD
If my darling computer is co-operating me this evening, I think I can put one VIDEO here tomorrow... But first editing and I think I'm gonna create a new Youtube account, the old one is so... old XD
Speaking of Youtube, I had to search "bunnycat" and I found There She Is!!
Here's the first step of that flash cartoon series... hihii I'm watching step 2 right now, this is addicting!