end of May part 1

Meeemories... In the beginning of June happened so many wonderful things so it's kind of difficult to summarize all the happenings in just two posts but I have too many other things to post so let's give it a try, shall we!

First off, last days in school or should I say in Espoo!

Random blue kirakira make up, going to school, end of May
Aaand the outfit for school. Gotta love blue + that Little My shirt from mom :D

Then there was of course Eurovision Song Contest 2012, I always have to watch it if not for anything else then just for the sake of some good laughs XD So that day I met with Linni:

After some random shopping we went to the park of Kaisaniemi in Helsinki.
Me likey sushi! I made sushi for us, it was super nice to eat it in the park, so sunny!
Linni had baked some buns, omnom! ♪ PEACH ♫
Then after the park I headed home to drop my shoppings from Valtteri flea market and then headed to Linni's place.
Above my new ring, I think it was 2€ from Valtteri flea market! And showing off my other rings ehehe. Boring train trip is boring.
This was so funny at the time but now I'm just sad because R.I.P Eduardo Khil ♥
And at Linni's place, watching, after a long time, TAKARAZUKA ♥
I think I took some crappy cellphone pics of that Eurovision song contest but I don't have my USB cord with me so I can't post them. Oh well... Takarazuka was so glorious, we watched Kamen no Otoko & Royal Straight Flush!! I so fell in love with Otozuki Kei even more ;___; ♥

And Eurovision... So much laughs to Estonia's song KUUUUULAAAAAA and oh Turkey XDDD And those Russian grandmas were the best, they should have won but instead that copycat from Sweden won. Okay okay, I actually like the song but I still think it's a total copy from another song. And I ain't the only one who thinks this!

What else happened during those last days of May? I had my second performance of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. I sang my song at my school at this spring party of Team Omnia. But there are so many pictures of that and a video + some other things so I'll leave that to part 2.

Then just to remind myself after part 2 I'll start posting of the beginning of June, those graduation parties and other million happenings...

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