Kissapupu (video)

I just finished creating a new Youtube account (the old one was horrible). 
My username in Youtube is

Why prunellarubida?
Prunella rubida is latin and means Japanese Accentor. It is a species of bird in the Prunellidae family. It is found in Japan and Russia.
My name is Tytti Rautiainen and my last name means Accentor in Finnish. I adore Japan and wish to live there someday. That is why I call myself Prunella rubida.

I also uploaded my first video on Youtube, it's titled "Kissapupu" and it's basically just me in my bunnycat outfit and makeup ages ago doing some random sillyness. In my opinion, this is only mildly crazy, not even close of what I can be. I have to point out that the shirt is making me fattychan because it makes those stupid rolls or whatever those are *end of blabla*. I love the music, I noticed it kind of fits the video in some parts, so weird! XD Here it is....

Not loony enough, right? (°∀°)

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