Ninja bunny & Demon lock bunny

This buddy is now in my deviations in deviantART, CLICK HERE. I just posted this in deviantART and already three people added it to their favorites and one commented, wooooh. This was a Christmas present for my dear friend Raine, it is actually him because he is just like a rabbit but also a ninja!

I needle felted this cutie and also made him a looong red bandana and embroidered 42 with numbers and kanji and glued some green sequins to the ends of the bandana.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that but maybe when my friend comes back from Japan I can do a little photoshoot...? ^^

That's my friend Raine and me at his farewell party in March, time flies so fast! So many, many things have happened, like the fact that I have already performed three times in that outfit... woah. Maybe soon I get to sing my song for the fourth time?
Oh this reminds me, I have a video of my performance at my school party or whatever it's called. :D I should put in Youtube after editing it just a bit. Everytime I sing high it sounds horrible because of the video. But I hope I can get the audio track edited so it's somewhat okay to hear :D So look forward to that, coming up quite soon!

And since there was one bunny in this post, why not introduce another hopping friend!

I realized later that in a way she is like me. Loony monster. Hahaa, so I guess we're both bunnies with Raine XD You can find her in deviantART as well.
This buddy is actually attached to a lock in my school locker. She is a protector of my locker! She was needle felted too but quite quickly, this was my first school assignment last August I think.
Sorry 'bout the horrible quality, taken with cellphone. But man, gotta love that wide monster smile and those red eyes...

okay in next post me at my friends' graduation parties~


  1. So cute rabbit!! :D It really looks like Raine! :) You're so talented!
    And very nice picture of you!:)

  2. Thank you! :) I'm so proud of myself for succeeding 8)

  3. "Creepy cuteness".. that is an interesting definition of me :D
    -Ninja bunny