Planet Venus tonight!

Now that all that horrible stress and rush and lovely events are over and I'm, after a long time, back in the middle of nowhere at my folks' place, I can finally start blogging again!
Prepare yourselves for the speed from now on is going to be 1 POST/DAY.

Oh no way you say? Well.. let's just see how it goes, haha!
But before I start posting about past events...
I don't think many of you know that I'm actually quite a lunatic when it comes to space things, you know, astronomy. Planets, stars, galaxies... Something so fascinating in all that. And just a little while ago I read this article (Helsingin Sanomat)...

Venuksen ylikulku näkyy yöllä Suomessa viimeistä kertaa 235 vuoteen
= Venus transit is visible at night in Finland for the last time in 235 years

The article is in Finnish and it's too much work to start translating it but I think the title says it all. Planet Venus is visible tonight in Finland and I'm definetely going to see it, even though they say it's only going to show as a small black dot beside the Sun's surface. The only thing is that it's going to be during the night (begings 1.05 am and ends 7.54 am, probably around 4 am is the best time here...) so I don't know if I can see it... -__-'
And also that article warns not to look the happening directly and that means I should come up with a filter and look through it but WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO FIND THAT XD
Oh well, let's just see what happens.
It's still cool no matter what.
Anyone know about Venus transit in other countries, has it shown for ex. in Japan yet?

Btw this is is beyond coolness... I want to try all of these \(◎o◎)/!

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