Queen Orchid

Introducing the blog's owner, 気違い蘭 - the Crazy Orchid!

    • Name: Tytti Rautiainen
    • Nationality: Finnish
    • Horoscope: Cancer
    • Zodiac sign: Goat
    • Occupation: student
    • Location: Espoo, Finland

    People have called me weird and cheerful. My life goal is music: I compose my own songs, I sing and play guitar and harmonica. Also I've been drawing and painting since kindergarden, with more or less effort. At the moment I'm studying clothing trade and becoming an artesan in the spring 2013 so sewing to me is more than a hobby, although I've been sewing and designing clothes for quite a many years now during my free time. My newest hobbies are designing and making hats and accessories. Perhaps some day I'll become the Mad Hatter! Actually, I am planning to start an entreprise of my own someday soon :)

    I have always been interested in make up and hair styles and especially hair coloring. I have had hair colors from white to black. My favorites have been turquoise and pink but all the colors and their combos fascinate me. The only color I haven't had is yellow but I'd like to give it a try someday. As for make up goes, I like to create looks from plain and simple to glamorous and most of all, weird :D

    I used to be a mad shoppaholic, not anymore. I do love flee markets and usually find too many things while visiting flee markets. I told you I sew clothes and accessories myself but I also fix and transform old clothes into something new and different, there's a term for it but can't remember it now... But you know, like making a pair of old jeans into a skirt or then for example just fixing a bad elastic band in a skirt. 

    I am most of all a huge Japan and South Korea fan, yes, an otaku damn it! 8--D I listen to K-pop and J-pop and I read manga but watch anime much more and Asian dramas and so on. Addicted to TV channel Arirang's program Pops in Seoul! I collect movies and some series have lost their way to my collection too. I want to collect all the Ghibli movies, at the moment I only have six Ghibli's movies but I think I've seen ten.

    My style is very diverse. I can walk dressed in all black and I can walk dressed like a rainbow. My style is weird and I love it. I get inspiration from gyaru style, visual kei, lolita, rock stars... I have this heavy metal side of me too since I used to be into heavy metal like crazy and I went to gigs, I've seen W.A.S.P and KISS and Whitesnake and okay Lady Gaga and Pink and well, the list could go on forever. Oh and neon colors, give it to me baby!

    I love animals, especially dogs and dolphins. I come from the middle of nowhere so no matter how many years I spend in some big cities, I will always love nature, I'm a tree hugger. I love snow but I am a summer person. I hate racists and people who judge, people should live freely. I despise people who treat animals badly, makes me cry. I'm against fur farming. I'd like to be a vegetarian but my desire to eat fish is just too strong so I've been a semi vegetarian for four years now.

    I haven't been travelling that much (only Sweden, Norway and Estonia so far) but I sure would like to! Finnish is my mother language but my English is really fluent and I have also studied French, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese and I know the basics of Korean, German and Russian so I think I could cope pretty well anywhere :D well okay not everywhere but you know ^^ If luck is on my side, my dreams may come true soon... I want to fly across the world and spread the message of happy insanity!

        Music is what feelings sound like.

       You just follow your feet.
         - From the movie A Knight's Tale

       Hullulla halvat huvit, idiootilla ilmaiset!
         - A Finnish proverb, meaning a crazy person has cheap fun, an idiot has free fun...

    any questions, feel free to ask! Although the Queen may not answer to too personal questions~♪

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